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As a Retired Military Vet with a 90% VA rating, I'm face with the option or options of filing for Combat Related Special Compensation (CSRC) or TIUD. My question to you guys is which one do I go with or do I do both?

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I would think you’d file for both but, someone else with more experience may say otherwise.  I’d think you can or could get both. JMO

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Interesting question, with an obvious answer, which ever is most financially advantageous to you in the long run. Sounds like you need more research to determine exactly what you need to do.

The one thing you should do now, is start the IU Claim on your E-Ben site to lock in the Retro Date, just don't hit the Submit Button until you're sure.

Have, and do you currently meet the VA Requirements for IU? Are you Unemployed due solely to your SC Conditions and/or have Earned Income of less than the VA SGI Cut of $12,400 for the past 12 months if under 65?

When you received the VA 90% SC Award Letter, was there  mention of a "Deferred IU Claim?"

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (CRDP) (2004), which applies to military retirees who have a combined VA disability rating of 50% or greater, and

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) (2008), which applies to military retirees who have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10% that stems from a combat-related incident.

It is possible to be eligible for both of these programs, however, you can only receive the additional monetary compensation from one of them. Veterans who qualify for both plans will be given the choice of which they wish to receive when they apply for their benefits. But you can also change your election if your situation changes. CRDP sends out open season letters annually each December; veterans must select their choice by the end of January.

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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Based on my SC reward letter, there is a possibility that I'm qualified for CSRC but I think that's just a general statement they add to the packet if your receiving military retirement pay.  There was no mention of a Deferred IU claim  in my SC letter.  I stop working in June of 2017 after completing the VA's 8 week PTSD Residents course here in NLR.  I was awarded 30% SC PTSD once done, which I will appeal later when the dust settles.

I have no dependents at 90%, another claim could possibly make my VA compensation greater than my  retirement pay which will cause a set back because I wont be able to get both.

So yes your right I must make the right decision on this one.  If I file CSRC before IU, would that be a safety net or does it really matter?  

A claim for IU could come back with a decision of paying me at the 100% rate.


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Wait, what,

Why do you not think you will recieve both your VA compensation and your retirement?  What retirement are you talking about?

The only retirement that cares about VA comp would be a military retirement at less than 50%, which you do not have.

So, I am confused,



“There is no hook my friend. There's only what we do.”  Doc Holiday 

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