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Attorney Claim has opened

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Wayne TX


Whiled waiting on an HLR RAMP Appeal claim another Open Claim showed up under EBenefits as an ATTORNEY FEE MEMO (New) on July 25.  I assume this is a good sign for the Appeal with another claim surfacing to pay attorney fees?  How soon normally after this kind of claim surfaces can one expect to see the Appeal closed and retro delivered?   Does Veteran get paid first or attorney?

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Wayne TX

There is no clear answer here.  The VA can do it three ways from Sunday.  

On the good side your case sounds like it is moving forward and this is a good thing.  If they are putting in for the FEE then it is nearing the end.  You will probably both get paid at or near the same time.  

I would call your Attorney and ask.

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You are gonna have to wait for the envelope.  I agree with Shrek.  Speculating on what ebenefits means is not likely to be productive.  

Did you check the "letters" section?  The VA doesnt usually go around allowing us to print out a letter that says we are "x" percent when we are not.  

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11 hours ago, Wayne TX said:

Happy to report RAMP HLR  appeal was granted....went from 50% to 80%....retro arrive in a week. 


That's great Wayne Tx  80% your getting on up there  be 100% before you know it!

How long did it actually take for the decision?

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