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How would you file an Initial First ever Claim? Today. Why?

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1.  How would you file a first time ever claim, today? Knowing everything that 'you' know today. Why? 

I have a good idea of what I want to do, right now, today. And I have a good idea of what I want to continue to do, and a good idea now that I have no clue of how much I will change that idea as each day goes forward.  So, I know I have to get this ball in motion and pick a plan an go with it.

I have decided to go it without a VSO.  I wish I could get a partial power of attorney accepted (maybe I can, maybe someone can clarify that). NO ONE except me should decide my fate, unless their agenda is 100% one of doing what is in my best interest (or as close as money will buy), I don't want anyone bargaining for me unless I can contractually limit them to specifics.  I know this could be/may have been my toughest non adversary to date that I have ever had to bargain with, but I have never shied away from trying when I study it and apply what others have done before me, in a lot of endeavors.

So, some of the choices I see: 
File on all items that I have all the required pieces for to develop a FDC.
File on a subset of the items to hope for a desired rating level to achieve a desired level of benefit.

File on even a smaller subset to just feet in the door and get a rating, then come back with the rest. 

Then, as far as Intent to File, or Just starting a Claim, my initial thoughts open for clarification.

The Intent to File you hold the rest of everything to your chest until you pull the filed trigger, but you keep the effective date? Actual results? 

With Starting the Claim today, and not completing it for some length of time, are you uploading partial bits and pieces or do you still wait to enter specifics all at one time? does this give the VA a heads up of what you are up to, so as to allow a faster shootdown if that was in the cards? Since I have not been into the online claim system, I have no idea how that works, except what I read, and without seeing it, that doesn't mean much to me. 

I have read, based on the past, that some believe, the only way to deal with the VA is US Mail Certified.  I believe that may have been very question? Is it still that way? 

I saw there was a tinnitus claim recently awarded in 35 days.  I believe that was FDC and online submitted? 

In navigating the different VA websites, I have 3 different signons, a premium account, and was sent to DEERs....but can't accomplish that I really don't know what its for, its probably an okay thing. 

Would anyone here avoid filing online? Why? 


Trying to make up my mind, looking for more ways to look at it.

Now, my actual experience with the VA in the last week. 

1). I filed a 10-10ez one early am.

2). The next day, in the late afternoon when I signed on the VA website to look around again, instead of whatever it said initially, like pending or working, or somethin, I don't remember as it wasn't displayed long said: Enrolled, with big check mark? Now I wasn't sure exactly that it meant what it said. 

3). The next day: I was called to schedule my first appointment, which I had checked that box. Which I did, 12 days out. 

That same day, which was yesterday, I checked online for more things to discover, and I discovered 'my' handbook.  I was given Priority 5, which I think will work for me. 

So? Which VA am I working with? Has something changed? I have been called 3 times now by the VA welcoming me to the system, and it has been very pleasant experience. Is this a trick? a Jedi mind trick? or is this something that I haven't been reading about? Is this what you are experiencing? 

I am trying to decide how to start the claim and how fast.  I am still waiting on my STR's.
I have two pretty straightforward claims direct SC either up or down.  After that it gets really complicated, these are not really my concern right now, I do know I want to save these for a later day.  I may be able to pull one or two out of these to develop with the first two.  This would put me theoretically over 30%, which I see would be something worth getting. I believe it has value to ask this question without specifics as to the claims (I will do that later in the process). 

I am really trying to weigh all the reasons and ways for getting an effective date now, instead of later.  But, I don't want to sabotage my claim.


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Toxic, I don't want you to take this the wrong way. You have several post made so I realize your struggling a bit. This just me, ok. My opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. But I think you have to focus more. We have answered some of these things before for you. We have made suggestions and given you options and back-up reasoning for those options. Make a decision or two, can't you?Just do it! Make a decision. If you have a (new) question, ask it as directly as you can. You don't have to document to us why you are hesitating, just ask the question. Tinnitus, for example. You have been told that it is one of the quicker claims to get a decision on. You have been told there is no actual testing that can be done, and it is just questions. You told us that you want to get into the system; you were told how to, and now that is in process, but that you also want to get a claim in and get a disability rating. So why haven't you submitted a claim for tinnitus? Folks on here are not going to address your concerns after a while because you are going around in a circle. Like I said, ask a straight forward question; get responses, make a decision, move on. And as I said, just my opinion.

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I. why haven't I submitted a claim for tinnitus? 

straighforward answer: because of the question I asked in this post as short as my mind can ask it. I am reading Sir. And I studying. I don't shoot look aim. I look, aim, adjust, correct for windage, adjust again, and then squeeze it off. That is what I am doing. I am trying to get it right. 

I really appreciate everyones advice, but let me give you some, thanks for shutting down any possibility of me getting an answer that I think I need, it matters not what you think I need, it does matter what you say, you and others are the respected elders, when you repeatively chastised someone like me, on an online forum, the others get the message, don't help I guess I am toast here now.....

So you and a few others don't like me or my style or my damn limitations that I carry because of my service? then go ahead an block me. I don't know what any of your problems are, but if I can't or I am not willing to help any of you, then I will just stay away from you, I ask the same thing....

I have learned the hard way, people pull away from me eventually, you can't catch what I have, but you can make my life easier or harder? the choice is yours. I decided a long time ago, if I was going to lose most anyway, that why not just be up front? Those who care will listen and help, those who don't want to be a part of any of that, will do what they do, please do what you do. I will do the same. I came for help. As long as the admin doesn't tell me to leave I will continue asking.

So, I got an answer from Miss Berta on another question? I am not trying to win any popularity contest, I don't want any stars, I am searching for answers, I have been for over 42 years, and I think I am finally getting close, I am not ready to move on. I need more reasons and info, either one has them or doesn't, like I was told not long ago, no one cares what others feel, I need answers for my benefit, I will continue to do whatever it takes to get them, as long as I can keep my dignity, I would rather not be continually chastised, I believe the block works both ways? I don't want to block anyone, not even people who chastise me on one post and do exactly the same thing on another, just leave me alone brother. If I have reached my quota with you, then move on.

I am very grateful for my air force training, it taught me to find the real problem before attempting to fix anything, unless you were burning JP-4, then you threw everything you had at it and then you moved on to the next one, cannabilizing every plane on the ramp if necesarry if 'that' one had to get off the ground.....that is not the case as I explained.....I have time....not a lot....but I think I need to be as certain as 'I' need to be before I pull any triggers....there are more opinions on this board than the four, and hell of lot more experience, this isn't the only place I am using for a reference, thankfully. I am paying for some. 


Did you not read down to where I praised the VA and asked if what i experienced in signing up for medical care was some kind of new norm for new applications? And let me give you a personal thanks for the push on that one, the very last thing I did was read one of your prior posts to me before I hit submit, Thanks. 

Geez, I have a brain disease, guys, why is that such a problem? you can't catch it.

The VA had me crying on the phone earlier today, I was so overcome with gratitude, and I thought I was going to have to fight with them.

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I suggest just file what you have ready, the longer you wait the longer it will take to get rated. When you file it probably won't be perfect, that is okay just file. If you have your service medical records where you were diagnosed then file for it. If you were diagnosed within one year of separating then it is considered service connected.

1 hour ago, GBArmy said:

Make a decision or two


As GB stated above, just file. I would file for everything at once (that is just me), or go for what is the easiest to get approved. It is up to you.

Just file today, don't wait, don't procrastinate, just file. JMO

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I think what GB Army is referring to more or less  

is you have posted all over this board  with different questions that are  truly confusing to say the least.

It's ok you ask questions but try to stay in one post,.

you can ask DIFFERENT  questions in one post  just paragraph your questions...because its Confusing for other members to  help you on the different questions that you been asking by making new post, so its a lot better to just stay in one post and ask your questions


Tinnitus? or what do I need to file a  claim for tinnitus?

ok after you get your answer for the tinnitus claim  move on to your next question  just stay in your post.



2.what do I need to do to file a claim for my knees I injured while in the service? How do I present my evidence  or the best way to present it in my claims?


3. Can I file for all my claims all at once? (I have about 12 claims to file) or should I file  each claim separate?


4. Are there more than one mental health claim we can file for?



5.Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make sure I get a correct rating? and that I get my Earliest  Effective Date ( known as E.E.D,)


Its just so much less confusing  if you ask your questions the same post   ,After you get your answers  move on to your next question.


Just make sure you ask your questions in the correct forum. and stay with your post , & if you get your answer on any particular question that you ask  just simply let us know and move on to your next question.


These are based on first time claims and not Increase's or  Appeals. 

It is the Veterans choice to file as many claims as he/she wishes  there is no limits on how many claims you can file  all at once or file separate.

Its to your advantage to file all your claims at once  to start your early effective dates on each claim.  rather or not some will be denied  that's certainly to be expected , but you can Appeal the ones that are denied  but you have to be denied to be able to Appeal any claim.

The VA is always going to find something wrong with some of the claims we file  so expect that.

Its hard to perfect a claim unless you have years and years of claims experience.  when we think we have it right  VA comes right back and pops our bubble  with some cock&bull Crap they dig up.

So denials are to be expected  and thats just the game the VA Loves to play.



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I just want to add GB Army is one of the best we have here on hadit as for as helping other veterans such as your self.  Others like  Vetquest ,Ms Berta /broncovet / Shreaktank1 /paulstrgn  and others are great too AND TO ME ITS AN HONOR to be associated with such knowledgeable People.

As you may  know by now the VA  has started a new  claims system  called the AMA or RAMP  it is design to speed up the claims process and most claims  promised to have a decision within 125 days after first filing..this is what Veterans are experiencing  now  some do get their claims process and a decision made with in the 125 days  and some are still a waiting a decision after the 125 days

As for as communcation with the VA which is better? snail mail with return receipts or  use the e benefits and communicate that way?

Its a Veterans choice  to file which ever way he /she is most comfortable with.

I prefer to file electronically for faster results,  but some veterans have  problems filing electronically  from e benefit's , So  which ever way is most comfortable for you is the way to file.

I might add    using the post office with certified return receipts can be costly to the Veteran...and if you do use the Post Office to communicate with the VA   Always get a sign return receipt Always .

And keep in a safe place and keep everything the VA Sends you and keep in a safe place  dated stamped envelopes and All.

Start you a personal VA  claims folder at home   in Alphabetical order  TO KEEP ALL YOUR CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE VA. 

So in case you need something for future reference  its right there for you.

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Thanks, for taking your time with me and breaking it down.

I didn't come here to be on the defense.  I admit I came here frustrated with a lot of baggage, I got the message to just get to the questions and leave the other stuff at home.  I have done my best to live up to that.

I have to once more outline my limitations, as they rule my  life.  I might appear to conquer these limits for a bit, and then its obvious again that I haven't to everyone, including me.

We are all unique.  I have Lewy Body Disease (or if you prefer: Lewy Body Dementia). Most people think of Dementia as Alz, but it isn't, even if someone has Alz, but I don't. Most people with LBD, never lose sense or insight into who they are, or where they are. I am positioned at MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), and that is only a small part of what Dementia is. Dementia is anything that your Brain controls that is not being controlled properly.  Now imagine at any given moment any of the myriad of things that encompasses can misfire, in any combination, in any sequence, for any duration, and in any random pattern? Now imagine that sometimes everything seems normal. That is me.  Why is this important.  This is my toolbox. Not yours. I have no choice, you do.  The only choice I have is to pack up my toolbox and go home, or to use the tools I have to best of my ability (with the help of others).

This is why I initially asked for allowances, not because I am an ASS by nature. I am one by disease. This is a very resource intensive exercise for everyone, who decides to play in my sandbox.  

Now understand this: or as in the Navy: Now here this: 

Dementia label gives everyone the right to discount me.  I live with that anchor for over 8 years now.  I drive myself the 1000 miles to Mayo clinic to participate in research studies, I do my own bills, I filed my own LTD, I filed my own SS, I just filed and enrolled in VA health care. I will file my own VA disability claims. 

So, here is another reason to discount me and move on.  If this is what anyone must do, please do so.  This is very resource draining.  The MS people on here will understand, I was chasing down a MS diagnosis for over 3 years, going through every neurologist in my half of the state, before I spent a month at Mayo and got at least an answer that has kept me alive past the expected expiration date, which even begs the question? Is it even the right diagnosis? This brings the Toxic more into focus, at least for me.  My Toxic exposure combined with possibly even some LBD or something else, has made my whole adult life a chronic nightmare, and made me one frustrated individual used to going it alone.

I don't want to go it alone.  I believed the tag line in the header, when I signed up. I would love to continue to believe it. I don't have a mental illness, nor an imaginary anything, for I know how damaging that would turn out for me. I have an organic brain disease, as real as you missing legs. Its like missing brain cells that move around at random, try dealing with that and people.

So, once again, I ask for allowances to overcome my limitations.  

For those who are short on time and patience, I am not the one to help, plenty more on here who need your time.  I have stayed away from the whole VA picture for over 42 years, and like in my introduction, I was told it would be there when I needed it, I do, am I am here.....that statement  is meant for the VA, not for here. I am here, but, I don't expect anything here, except to be treated as someone who has the right to ask whatever question I deem necessary.  It is your choice to answer or not.  If I break any rules of the road, like being overweight, then boot me out. 


You brought up a good point about the experience of those on board here, like Buck52, GBArmy, VetQuest, BroncoVet, paulstrgn, Miss Berta, Shreaktank1, even GeekySquid, and I wish Capt. was still around and so many more.  

I would love to get 20 answers for every question, but, I know that is unreasonable to expect.  I also want to hear from the guys who just filed their initial first claim last month, or the month before.  I was a systems analyst, I headed up C-level meetings before my brain went toast.  I want enough info to make real decisions based on current as well as historical experience. I don't hastily file anything before, and really don't hastily file anything now.  I need time to build a template that visually makes sense to me.

It was stated that I was obviously struggling? Well? I did ask for allowances? Does anyone think that will change now? If you do, please don't help me. I struggle thru everything, but, the thing about me that everyone could count on and still can......I don't give up brother......I will never leave anyone behind....I will never leave anything broken....unless I can't break it apart and turn it into something else.

So, work with me if you can, if not, I understand. 

I can't hold a linear conversation on a regular basis.  Neither can I write in a linear fashion in a consistent manner. If you can work with that, help me, if you can not, then I understand. 

I didn't sign up for what happened to me, not on purpose, but I did sign up for whatever happened to me.  This is me.


Again Thanks Buck52, and everyone else. I wish I could do what you guys ask, for my sake. 

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