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C&P Exam

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So I had recently received a C&P For Sleep apnea, Doctor favored me in other words, was at least likely as not 50% greater probability that the disability was incurred during service,. now 3 weeks later it was sent back out for a correction on something the doctor didn't fill out correctly, but magically it wasn't sent to the doctor that initially completed my exam it was sent to someone 5 states away whom never met me or knows nothing about me, anyways she changed the exam to a negative meaning she said was less likely than not, i find this as being a integrity issue with the VA, when it should have gone back to the same examiner. Any Comments???? Claim denied 3 days later.   SHADY

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44 minutes ago, GeekySquid said:

assuming what you just posted is accurate that is a Bozo No-No,

The question is do you have documentary proof of what you just wrote?

I mean official, in the record documents?

3 weeks is a short time to get those docs which is why i ask.

I just Requested copies of all C&P exams through the FOIA, hopefully they send me what I saw, I was able to see this through a VSO who has access to VA VBMS which shows cleary the VA's error on sending my documentation to another Doctor..

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I agree with Geeky, 100%. They can't re-evaluate just to deny disability. Hopefully, like Geeky said, you made a hard copy of the original dbq.. To look at it another way, you had a favorable, now an unfavorable. Tie would go to the veteran,equipos situation. It isn't though; we hope you have it in writing.

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54 minutes ago, ADAMS said:

I took snap shots of the new C&p

i am so curious.. from where did you take those pics? all my C&P's were done on a computer and the examiners would not allow seeing what they wrote much less taking pics...

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