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C&p exam

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Troy Matthews


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For the most part, the general medical exam would be to see if there is anything else causing your claimed disability.  

The rationale opinion would either explain and support a nexus, or attempt to rule it out.  If it states "as likely as not", or "more likely than not", or "is due to" an injury while on active duty, you've got a nexus.  If it states "not likely" or "is not due to", you've got a problem.

Best of luck in getting the rating you deserve.

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in the event you get a negative opinion from the C&P Dr be prepared to attack their credentials in your Appeal.

It is a legal thing. The VA presumes, and wants you and the courts to presume, that just because they assigned a Dr to do the C&P they are qualified under the Law. That presumption must be challenged at the lowest possible level so if and when you have to go to a Court, your lawyer can bring in that challenge then.

I realize this sounds like planning for long term problems and it is. Arm yourself now with everything you can as you might need it later.

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Troy Based on what you said, it is favorable and can be the nexus. You could redact (remove your personal info) and post it and we could see if there is anything else obvious.

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45 minutes ago, Troy Matthews said:

It's been 2weeks since exam still haven't seen anything yet I'm just waiting.  Thank you for help

They won't proactively mail you the C&P results. Sometimes it can take a week or two for the results to be completed and released back to the VARO.

If you had your exam at the VA hospital, you can just go to myhealth.va.gov. If you have a verified account, you can use the blue button feature to download your progress notes. I had one in June this year and it took two weeks to show up.

I apologize, but I don't know where to find your C&P findings if your exam was done by a contactor like QTC.

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