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A question about knee replacement and rating

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Hello all. Followup on a post i did 4 yrs ago

First, thank you for this forum.

I have been 100% P&T rated for 15 years now.  Part of that rating is 40% on my right knee. 

My ortho surgeon recommends a full knee replacement of my right knee within 1 year.

I understand that normally with a knee replacement, it is 100% for 1 year of recovery and permanent 30% for the knee after that.

But my question is, since I am already 100%, if I go ahead with the knee replacement, how will that affect my 100% P&T rating?  And will they re examine all my disabilities as well?

OR should I try and hold out for 5 more years until I reach the 20 year mark when compensation is protected from reduction?


Thanks all


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  • HadIt.com Elder
6 hours ago, Richard1954 said:

Why would you advocate that I paint a more positive picture ?   ( Especially since in my opinion I was not being negative)  Veterans ask questions to learn, don't they deserve to hear more that one opinion?  I was under the impression all opinions were valid... but my mistake... this is the second time in 5 days my opinion has been called out in a smug condescending way.  I need this like I need a hole in the head....so this is where I part company.. and you all talk bad about that other board?


You have the right to state your opinion and you did ,& I stated mine, no one is asking you to leave this board  , your more than welcome to stay  but its certainly your choice if you choose to leave, I never meant to hurt your feelings,and I apologize to you if I did?

We all will have disagreements  from time to time were just human.

  I just like to see all us veterans supporting each other and have a positive attitude for a positive out come.

Remember a veteran is his best Advocate he is the one that says submit it or he himself submits his/her claim  we just try to help them get it right.

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I do not see where a knee replacement would mess up your 100% P&T.  Tho we never know what evil lurks in the heart of the VA.  I personally would go ahead with the knee replacement if it is hurting bad enough to consider it.  You have some protection in being P&T, some protection if you are over 55, and some protection for a rating that has been in effect for five years or more.  To reduce you they need two C&P's that show an improvement, and they must notify you of the reduction.  This gives you some time to line your ducks up if it ever happens.

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If you had the knee replacement and then receive 30%, does having the 30% instead of 40% drop you below 100%? If it doesn't drop you below 100% then it should not matter. JMO

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If your knee rating of 40% is part of your 100% rating you could be in for a rude awaking. First,  just because someone is considered P & T doesn't mean they can not be re-rated and receive a lessor rating,  In fact, as you have indicated you would have to be re-rated at 30% after the first year requiring knee surgery. 

I suspect that you asked this question because you are concerned you could lose the 100% rating and you should be concerned. Veterans get re-rated all the time because of improvement in their condition.  The only thing that I know that  guarantees  a  100% rating  for life is when you reach the 20 year mark. Also,  Under normal circumstances it takes 2 C/P exam to reduce any rating but we all have heard of horror stories where veterans get reduced with less than 2 C/P exams. 

You have to ask yourself if you are willing to lose the 100% rating for improvement in your quality of life. I know that I personally would give up any rating I have for improvement of my quality of life.

I wish you the best


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  • HadIt.com Elder

I believe you will keep the 30% after the one year recovery time

'' you mention''

since I am already 100%, if I go ahead with the knee replacement, how will that affect my 100% P&T rating?  And will they re examine all my disabilities as well? 

you should get a Temp 100% rating for a year for TKR, after the recovery you keep the 30% that you have right now,  unless you go for increase  even with the TKR they will give another 30% in which this will make you 60% for S.C. on your knees.....having knee replacement  makes no difference in your rating  you get the 100% Temp at least a Year  then they usually will take the Temp 100% away and leave you YOUR S.C. 30% alone ....> unless your knees are still bothering you in which another 30% increase in likely. 

   I would almost be willing to say you will get bootsted up another 30%  I believe 60% is the highest rating for Bad Knees.  even with replaement knees.


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