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Is hearing loss presumed if you have tinnitus?

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Fearless, so you are saying that you submitted a supplemental claim for both, hearing loss and tinnitus? Or is it a new claim for hearing and a resubmit for tinnitus? Has it been a long time since you received your denial letter? A good examiner would advise you if you just go for one to put you in for both. Many don't. But if you go for hearing claim, and if you do have tinnitus, you should also submit a separate claim for the tinnitus as well. And vice versa, go in for tinnitus and also submit for the hearing. But you have to claim two disabilities. I haven't heard were a veteran ever re-submitted on tinnitus, unless there was an administrative goof, and you had to re-do. I have seen many guys submit for both, get a 0% rating for hearing, but get the 10% for tinnitus.

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No.  Hearing loss is not presumptive.  To get hearing loss, you will need to apply.  

Then, you will need to meet the Caluza elements:  Diagnosis of hearing loss, in service event or aggravation, and audiologist opinion that your in service event at least as likely as not caused your hearing loss.  

Your hearing loss will need to meet "VA minimum" to even get zero percent.  I think my Maryland CNC average is 55 decibel loss (bilateral) , and my hearing loss rating is 20 percent.   

Incredibly, my hearing loss hasnt changed that much but I was orignially rated at zero percent.  They increased it to 20..that is probably an admission they got it wrong without actually calliing CUE.  The way I read the charts it should be 50 percent.  Im in appeals, but that extra 30 percent wont change my compensation so hearing loss is not an issue on appeal.   

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Reopening a tinnitus claim will not result in a higher rating, because the maximum rating anyone can get for tinnitus is 10% Period.

As to hearing loss you must initiate a claim,  the VA will then schedule you a C/P exam. 

When it comes to C/P exam for hearing the VA uses special procedures during the test to determine you word comprehension. Basically, they are required to increased the sound level until you can understand 94% of the words.  They will not consider any other hearing test for ratings outside of the C/P exam  Hearing test.

See Section C-1 of the attached VHA HandBook to understand how they conduct the hearing test for C/P examinations.

VHA HANDBOOK 1170.02(1) Hearing test.pdf

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added VHA Handbook 1170.2( 1)
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I am 10% for tinnitus, and service connected for hearing loss at 0% compensation.

To get any comp ($$$$$) for hearing loss, you have to be just about deaf.

My left ear is a lot worse than my right ear, however, not compensated.

I also scored 100% on the word test, which is in great contrast with the wife...............

But, the VA will get you FREE hearing aids at a 0% rating, so there is that.


On my next word test, when he says "bed", I'm going to say "firetruck", just to f*** with him.  LOL..



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