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SMC L C and P Exam for PTSD - What to expect?

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I didn't have to go to a C/P exam for my Aid & Attendance... My primary care doctor filed out the form and wrote a letter saying I should be awarded A&A... It worked fine.... Maybe I was lucking not having to go to another C/P exam... this was back in 2006..... maybe things have changed now  I don't know..

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I am filing a A&A  pension claim for my spouse she is total disabled and needs another person to help her get dressed  cook walk help her up and out of her wheel chair she has small use of her arms and hands so she can feed herself  but all the other necessities she requires another person  Her Dr wrote that in his letter... 

she took the  VA ,A&A Form to her Dr and he wrote what all her disabilities were and what he was treating her for and said she can't never be left alone  due to her unbalanced and falls she has Had..he also put her spine problems down that she has that causes her to be unstable.

so were going to file A&A see what happens?

They either going to help us  or they want ?

I'm not begging them this time around.

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