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Rating multiple VA claims at the same time

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Ken Smothers


3 answers to this question

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Yes, though the secondaries may be deferred until the primaries are finished. Secondary claims have to be secondary to something that is rated. 

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(I AM NOT A RATER- I work the claims BEFORE they are rated, annotating medical evidence in your records, VA and Legal documents,  and DA/DD forms- basically a paralegal/vso/etc except that I also evaluate your records based on Caluza and try to justify and schedule the exams that you go to based on whether or not your records have enough in them to warrant those)

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Posted (edited)
28 minutes ago, Ken Smothers said:

Can the VA rate multiple primary and secondary claims at the same time? My attorney filed all of my primary and secondary claims together. Including TDIU

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Yes, they can but be forewarned that in the past the VA was known for killing two birds with one stone. Depending on how your claims are processed, if the VA denies a particular primary disability, they can also deny any secondary claim to that specific disability claim. It all boils down to the evidence of record and any medical opinions. Unfortunately, you will not know or never know until you and your attorney get your official notification decision/letter in your hands.  

As Broken said, some may be deferred.

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My intentions are to help, my advice maybe wrong, be your own advocate and know what is in your C-File and the 38 CFR that governs your disabilities and conditions.

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Posted (edited)

Yes.  Will it take longer than a single claim?  Maybe.  

But your retro is largely based upon the "date of application".  

And, the sooner you apply, the earlier your effective date.  (Its more complicated than that, but this is generally true, because, except special circumstances, your effective date of claim cant be earlier than the date filed, if awarded.)  

I would not advise people to "delay" filing claim A, until claim B finishes.  Why?  Because you will lose retro, if both claims are awarded, because Claim A's effective date will be later, when you filed it later.  

That's why I never suggest delaying filing any portion of your total claims "unless" there is a compelling reason.  My opinion is I have no compelling reason to "give up" retro pay, unless I have to.  

You can get your check, cash it, and throw money out the window if you like.  Not me.  I file each claim at the earliest possible time and never  delay filing because I have other claim issues in progress.  

I just dont have that much to throw money out the window.  Some people do, so they are welcome to squander their money however they like.  That's why I save money by filing at the earliest possible date.  


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