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    • ok I got all my ducks in a row with it.. I take it to a legion rep, he says he will lose his job if he submitted it. and then my state rep says that is the last step if the nod doesn't go through. I was also told if I submit a cue and it doesnt go through there is no appeals no nothing, I lose my benefits for it!? is this true!?
    • Yes, yes, yes, and again...yes.  Not because you "need" to, they will tell you to your face that they have all the pertinent information on hand.  I know because I was told this, said I will send anyway, reaffirmed that I don't need to...sent copies of SMR and such, claim was denied anyway.  Examiner claimed on the C&P report that he DID NOT view my SMR.  And so then, neither did  the RO, who had the copied SMR entries filed as my evidence. IF you don't send them, they will definitely not look at the electronic copy on hand to see what's what.  And if you do send them, they may or may not look at them anyway.  But then at least you will have covered all your bases.
    • I have been retired for 7 years now and was rated at 60% for various disabilities after I retired.   One month after I retired, I had a colonoscopy; benign polyps, a type that could turn to cancer, were found and removed.  I have had polyps removed twice since then.  Now I would like to get my polyps service connected at 0% in case something more serious were to develop in the future.   My question:  Since my polyps diagnosis was only a month after I retired, do I need a NEXUS letter to say the polyps were "more than likely" to have developed while on active duty, or would it be presumed the polyps developed while I was still on active duty? I looked at the presumptives in Title 38, and I don't think this fell under any of the automatics. Thanks for any help.
    • Thanks............
    • Thanks for all the replies...............


Spn Codes On Dd214 Used Between 1964 - 1973 Resources And Information

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Introduction to Spin Codes
Even on an Honorable discharge, a "Spin Code" (SPN - Separation Program Number) can hurt a veteran's chance of being hired by a prospective employer. These spin codes were put on DD 214 (discharge papers) from the 1940's through the early 1970's. Veterans can request a new DD 214 with the spin codes removed.
Visit this site to find more information about SPN codes

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Way back in the olden days, this was about the early seventies, I watched a TV program called '60 Minutes'. This program exposed the Spn codes on the DD214. And I found out later that my code was for early release from the military to go to school.

I wrote my congressman, Ronald 'Bo' Ginn (d) Georgia. His staff got the Spn Code cleared - allegedly, and I was given a new DD 214. This was also the brief period I worked in the government. Funny thing, all the copies I ever get from the VA records always show the Spn Code. I figured some staffer just zipped through the line place on the DD 214 and sent me the changed copy. Ginn later went to jail for bank loans that went bad on him. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A58006-2005Jan7.html

Today I live in Congressman Marchant's district in Texas. He now ranks 10th overall in congressional wealth.

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I ran into the "spin code" bit when applying for my first job after military service in 1969. Fortunately, I was in the navy, not the army.

As a result, the DD-214 stated the reason as "reduction in force", per some navy reg. That went back to an overall reduction of the reserves on active duty

directive, and had no other implications. I did note that the spin code lists in the possession of the prospective employer were conflicting, in that at different times

the same spin code might be reused, and change from a favorable to an unfavorable code, or the other way around. Codes were used by more than the army, and

may mean different things in different services.

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I had a honorable discharge via a discharge review. However, they left the personality disorder spin code on my DD214. Maybe that is why I did not get a federal job that I applied for after college. I will never know, since federal government hiring process is so corrupt. Many of these federal offices are filled with buddies and relatives who get tipped off about openings. I got offered an interview for an ATF officer chasing moonshiners and another job as a VA counselor. I was qualified for both positions. No job and I will never know why except maybe spin code.

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Never gave SPN codes a thought, till today. Inlisted 02/68 on 2yr guarantee of Nam. Did 1 tour RVN. 2 mos on Okinawa, declined offer to ship-over and discharged 11/69. Just glad to be back in "Round EYE" Heaven. 24 month contract completed with early out after 20 months. Never gave option of active USMC Reserves a second or for that matter 1st thought. 2yr deal was 1 tour Nam and out, inactive reserves till final discharge. Stateside duty with lifers, definitely not for me. Lifers minded their manners in Nam. I know, not all lifers were bad but all it takes is 1 or 2 to make you dislike them all.

I think most mature American adults, of all political persuasions, know the US Congress and Senate is a potential highway to wealth. I don't have the stats but think most who serve (?), leave wealthier than when 1st elected. You can't say all, but I believe most start out well intentioned. Does the system corrupt or is it just the temptation to take advantage of their position and lobbyist $$. I think if we look at both sides of the HOUSE, we see a possible minority of good honorable public servants. The rest appear to be either Pigs or Hogs when it comes to self-enrichment. Some have spent most of their working life as Congressman or Senators. Wouldn't you or I for that matter, Like to be paid $160K (?) a year and become multimillionaires using our insider information and contacts to enrich our families and ourselves. Not to mention the Retirement and Pension package.

Why should I rag on them. Given the opportunity to serve as a Senator or Congressman, I can only hope I would have been an Honorable Public Servant. But, Like most men, you don't know till you know. Everyone says what they "Would or Could Do," it's not till your tested that your true character surfaces. It's the "life or death" moments or when nobody is looking that we find out what we're really made of.

Semper Fi


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Aren't reentry codes like son codes?


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