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    Fastestinthewest primary field of study is U.S. government, world geography, and history. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern in 1974 (http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/traditions/audiofiles/fightsong.mp3) (http://www.georgiasouthern.edu/traditions/alma.php) with a major in political science. After his university studies, he was awarded an internship under Georgia's Governor Jimmy Carter's intern program doing research on Nuclear Power Safety. He worked for the government for about 3 years. After a career in agricultural business, he received a Texas teacher certification from The University of Texas at Arlington ( http://www.uta.edu/). He holds a master's degree in education with a focus on integrating technology in the classroom from Walden University
    (http://learnwaldenu.com/). He taught high school in Texas for about 17 years before the service connected disabilities required that he retire. He would much rather work than be forced to sit on the side lines. Plus the fact that VA disability is not a way to make a living. Yet, many don't realize that disabilities cost money. Who is going to mow the lawn and so forth? The fact remains that disabled veteran paid a price serving their country.

    Fastestinthewest had 2 brothers that served in the U.S Amy. One brother was a U.S Ranger and became disabled on a parchute jump. One was a Vietnam Cobra Helicopter pilot that served in Vietnam

    Fastestinthewest was drafted, attained the rank of E-5 in 5 months, and attended Michigan State University before his service in the United States Army which ran from August of 1967 to June of 1970 and in the Republic of Vietnam from May of 1968 to May of 1969. Perseverance helped him overcome the Vietnam challenge. To hear the U.S. Army Anthem go to: (http://www.brownielocks.com/ArmyGoesRollingAlongInstrumentalWAVE.html) (http://www.brownielocks.com/ArmyGoesRollingAlongVoices.html ) Notice that the Army Anthem mentions the word caisson.

    He served with 1st Aviation: (http://www.1stavnbde.com/) (http://www.skytroopers.org/1staviat.htm)

    His Army assignment: (http://www.1stavnbde.com/Artcles/LOHart1.html)(http://www.1stavnbde.com/Artcles/LOH_ObserverArt1.html)

    Due to fastestinthewest military service in The Republic of Vietnam, he is a life member of the following organizations: (http://www.dav.org), (http://www.vhcma.org/), and (http://www.vfw.org/).

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  1. I'm 100% disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran. The V.A. didn't get my teeth cleaned in almost 4 years. I finally got a letter from the Dallas V.A. in September of 2017 for the Choice dental plan. V.A. gave me a list of private providers. I called the phone numbers provided by V.A. The phone numbers were bogus. I called the numbers of local dentist provided. These dentist didn't know anything about the V.A. I got a hold of a dentist that would look into it. The dentist office called the V.A. for week before getting information. I got approved and got into the dentist on February of 2018. I got approved for more service. The dentist cut me off in September of 2018 because the bill wasn't paid. I talked to patient advocates office, to Dallas Administration, to many other people. I found that V.A. said Choice was a separate program from the V.A.  V.A. called me and asked if I wanted to change providers. So here I am, just received a letter from V.A. with a list of dental providers. My provider is not on the list. 

    I took myself off of the opioid  Fentanyl. I got a prescribed TENS Unit for pain that worked for me. It broke in September 2017. I had to get a referral from my V.A. doctor. I called prosthetics. Never got a returned call. I had to get another referral. V.A. called and offered me Choice. I didn't take Choice because of above experience. My V.A. appointment was for February of 2019. I'm missing a right kidney and I'm told not to take aspirin. So I'm in a lot of pain. 

    I was put on the Dallas V.A. operation table a couple of weeks ago. When I woke up, V.A. said that my operation was aborted. I went to a primary care appointment and he asked why was the operation aborted? I said I wasn't sure. He said we'll look at the computer. Yep, all the computer said was that it was aborted. He was astounded. 

    I tried the MOVE weight loss program a few years ago. The machine wouldn't connect to my internet service. V.A. was behind the times. So V.A. asked me the other day about MOVE. One detail was that if you're over 71 you don't qualify. 

    I've got a lot of other problems. I'm on the V.A. death list. Eaglegards...

  2. All the time. The only time I ever saw a doctor write something like that at the V.A., the doc was a rookie. Or doc might fill out a state disability form for a temporary job leave of absence. Then one might take that form and submit to V.A. as claim. Then it's all on the claim rater having a good or bad day.
  3. I am 100% total and p. I have a cyst on my spine. I have been sent to MRI and got one so the VA can see the problem.I have terrible back pain and was given the pain patch by my staff Psychiatrist. It got so bad I then went to the emergency room and waited several hours. Got a pain shot that helped. I found out why we wait so long at the emergency room! The place does not want us to go back. No pun 'indeed' intended. I needed a refill on the pain patch and was talking to one of the nurses at the clinic. The nurse asked about the patch. The nurse said you might want to get the Primary Care Doctor to refill the patch. So I checked in and waited a few hours cause I was a walk up. I got the patch refilled after doing the paper work to see if I was a doper. Doctor referred me again for another MRI back in August 2013. MRI people said it might be Sept, Oct., or Nov. The MRI division scheduled me for NOV. I went to patient advocate and our clinic had none. I was in terrible pain. I called the hotline cause I was finished. The hotline kept me on the phone for a few hours. This was on Friday the labor day weekend. So I knew I would not see any one until Tuesday. With the Grace of God I made it. Got a call from some VA hotshot on Tues. I went back to the clinic on Wed. and again went to patient advocate (PAd). The PAd said, "Hey we will try to get you in over at the hospital. Do you mind the drive?" So I was scheduled the next day. I was in bad pain and got a relative to to drive me. We get to the hospital and check in to the MRI department. The line was LONG. My appointment was at 2. The machines were broke and probably would not get in. So we left at about 5:30. My pain patch went out in Nov. I went back to the clinic and so the nurse takes care of the paper work for the patch. I saw my staff Psychiatrist at the end of Nov. I had so much stuff in the 30 minutes that I did not get into the MRI. I will keep going and I keep thinking that my service deserves better than this kind of MRI treatment. I am going to start again. I was told back in the summer 2013 by VA that a referral is only good for 30 DAYS. The latest regulations that came out of VA are insane. I did not see them until after December 31, 2013. The comments to the Federal Register had to be before that date. Remember, all are laws are now made by edict. History shows that those that fall to that level of edicts contain the remains of failure and show those with the imperial bureaucracy doomed. Might be faster to copy and paste Web site. www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=VA-2013-VBA-0022-0001 I. Executive Summary This document proposes to amend 38 CFR parts 3, 19, and 20. The proposed amendments would require the use of standard forms to initiate claims for benefits, and to initiate appeals of AOJ decisions on those claims. VA's forms are available on the following Web site: http://www.va.gov/vaforms/.
  4. I feel like Hadit is family too. Thanks to all for comments and look how this supports others as well in their journey for information.
  5. Thanksgiving was truly a wonderful week this year. My wife is a Vietnam era veteran. I have seen first-hand, her pain and suffering. At times it was all I could bear as she suffered through the problems of her service connected disabilities. Her problems caused a lot of tension between us. I love her very much. I write this so that other women veterans never give up their fight for justice. My wife got a letter in the mail from VA giving her an 80% disability rating this week for service connected disabilities that occurred in the middle seventies. She was under PTSD treatment at the VA for MST. She also had a related disability. She first filed a claim about 5 years ago for the related disability and was denied. The VA wrote her a letter and said that no record of the disability was in her records and she was never treated. She wrote a nasty letter back telling the VA that apparently that the VA employees’ never read their own records. She was the key to her claim, did not use a lawyer, and only used a service representative for advice and mailings. Here is a good guide and when filling out the forms one must be very careful to read and follow the instructions http://statesidelegal.org/how-file-well-prepared-mst-claim . Also a good guide book on PTSD http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11870&page=R1 A VA guide book on PTSD http://www.avapl.org/pub/PTSD%20Manual%20final%206.pdf
  6. Way back in the olden days, this was about the early seventies, I watched a TV program called '60 Minutes'. This program exposed the Spn codes on the DD214. And I found out later that my code was for early release from the military to go to school. I wrote my congressman, Ronald 'Bo' Ginn (d) Georgia. His staff got the Spn Code cleared - allegedly, and I was given a new DD 214. This was also the brief period I worked in the government. Funny thing, all the copies I ever get from the VA records always show the Spn Code. I figured some staffer just zipped through the line place on the DD 214 and sent me the changed copy. Ginn later went to jail for bank loans that went bad on him. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A58006-2005Jan7.html Today I live in Congressman Marchant's district in Texas. He now ranks 10th overall in congressional wealth.
  7. Stretch. I love you man. Listen to the Declaration of Independence. I get chills and yes I cry! http://www.humblelibertarian.com/2009/07/hollywood-celebrities-reading.html
  8. I appreciate the words of each and every one of you. Hadit.com offered a lot of information. Also, my hat is off to T Bird. Thank you. I am not going away. My mission is to help any veteran that I can help. My wife is a Vietnam era veteran. Woman vets do not get enough credit. My cousin, General Margart Brewer, was the first Marine Women General given approval through Jimmy Carter. It's ironic, that I had an internship under him. The stories I could tell you about that jack leg! General Brewer passed away back in January 2013, and 4 months after my father's death.
  9. As a Republic of Vietnam (1968) drafted combat veteran helicopter crew chief OH 6A, (33months active duty) I received my 100% disability rating. I received the rank of E-5 in 5 months. The VA insurance adjuster rater threw me a used bone. VA took a dead old WW II or Korean War Vets 100% and recycled it. (I would imagine that the raters have stats on that issue as well.) I have been with the VA since 1994, when I could not take it any longer. I wanted to check myself into a private mental ward in 1989 not thinking about the VA, but moved my life forward. I was homeless for 2 years, 1993-1994. I started out in 1994 with 30% PTS rating, drop the 'D'. I was at the Dallas VA Hospital. This was back in the day when no paper was on the exam table and docs wore the same gloves over and over. I was given a whole 20% for diabetes with insulin use in the early presumptive days and extra for Neuropathy which is a collection of disorders that occurs when nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged. Finally, this last month, I was given the electric test and the neuropathy is serious. So all said, this gave me a 70% rating. While all the above was going on in my life, I put myself through more schooling with my own money, effort, and struggled with work. Meanwhile, my background was a fortnight in a RVN field hospital with severe trauma. The field hospital records show no blood pressure readings and so forth. Present day, I have not been able to work for 2 years. I had no outside doctor nexus letters, using my own Veteran disabilities, and the VA own words, my PTS rating was given an increase to 50%, with an increase to 80% disability rating, and 20% unemployable. This gave me the 100%. I was denied secondary sleep apnea, missing right kidney with kidney disease, (by the way apparently missing since birth), and 4 other conditions that would go through with an outside nexus letter from a PhD or medical doctor. I was at a VA facility yesterday due to severe back pain, helicopter crashes. I was a walk in at the facility. I waited 5 hours. The nurse pulls me in and asks me, "What’s wrong?" I tell her as she writes this stuff down. The RN says, "Sorry, the Doctor cannot see you right now because his computer is down. Do you mind if he calls you tomorrow?" The doctor did call. God Bless the United States! The government is great; it's the idiots running the system. I have one daughter. She was born after RVN with birth defects. No history of known defects in my family.
  10. Diabetes can cause increased risk of health with ramifications well beyond control. Many diabetic patients have bone and joint disorders. There is a Web site, including symptoms and treatment options, offered by The Mayo Clinic addressing diabetic health conditions. As many of you veterans know, you file for primary as diabetes and secondary then to these other health factors. Good luck... http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes/AN01072
  11. A letter was sent out to All VA Regional Offices on June 13, 2013, talking about TDIU. The letter was addressed to All Veterans Service Center Personnel and the subject Claims for Total Disability Based on Individual Employability (TDIU). The Rescission of Training Letter 10-07 was rescinded effective immediately. My question is that if a veteran had a claim in before June 13, 2013, would then the new procedures apply to the claim being processed? Does that mean a 2 year old claim goes back to the bottom?
  12. Now what is VA Franchise Fund that runs Information Technology? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Veterans_Affairs_Police VA Police personnel serving in the Executive Protection Division provide Protective Services for the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs The VA Law Enforcement Training Center (VA LETC), located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, The LETC (Law Enforcement Training Center) is a Franchise Fund Enterprise Center whose budget and staffing levels are based on revenue generated by reimbursable services provided by the center. The Director of the LETC is responsible for the advancement of global VA training policies and practices, management and oversight of all residence and field training programs. The LETC is organized into four divisions; the Academic Programs Division, Technical Programs Division, Advanced Programs Division, and the Training Standards Division. The fund comprises six VA Enterprise Centers in three segments: Information technology Austin Information Technology (AITC) in Austin, Texas Records Center and Vault in a Midwestern location Financial management Debt Management Center (DMC) in St. Paul, Minnesota Financial Services Center (FSC) in Austin, Texas Security and law enforcement Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) in Little Rock, Arkansas Security and Investigations Center (SIC) in Little Rock, Arkansas VA was selected by the Office of Management and Budget in 1996 as one of six executive branch agencies to establish a franchise fund pilot program. In this program, entrepreneurial organizations or Enterprise Centers are authorized to sell common administrative support services to VA and other Government agencies and operate entirely on revenues earned from customers. Enterprise Centers receive no Federally appropriated funding. The VA Franchise Fund was established under the authority of the Government Management Reform Act of 1994 and the VA and Housing and Urban Development and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act of 1997. In 2006, under Public Law 109-114, permanent status was conferred upon the VA Franchise Fund. The franchising concept promotes efficiency and conserves resources by reducing administrative costs, enhancing financial management practices, and expanding competition http://www.va.gov/finance/franchise.asp The LETC (Law Enforcement Training Center) is a Franchise Fund Enterprise Center whose budget and staffing levels are based on revenue generated by reimbursable services provided by the center. The Director of the LETC is responsible for the advancement of global VA training policies and practices, management and oversight of all residence and field training programs. The LETC is organized into four divisions; the Academic Programs Division, Technical Programs Division, Advanced Programs Division, and the Training Standards Division. http://www.va.gov/oig/
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