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  1. they did me the same way. They never told me about that I could get ES TDIU when i got out the service I was rated at a 20 back disorder i applied for SSDA got it due to my back etc....I asked for an Increase to determination by SSDA they denied me. I guess I didnt use the correct words
  2. Thank you all, Its been a long battle without war....to get benefits lawfully owed to me. I am hoping they don't put no tricks in the bag to having to have me do another appeal. Seems when I win two things they take something from me.
  3. Thank you for your response. I haven't gotten that letter either, yet. My Local VA office claims to be the fastest state in processing claims (Lincoln Nebraska). I even called my DAV service advisor, now he out of the office until the Sept 17, 2018. I will send ole iris an email. What is the white house hotline?
  4. I am a 100% disabled veteran, At first I was super excited to find out I am getting retro pay for back benefits to 2006. But that was over 2 months ago. I been waiting and waiting and calling to ask them wheres my back pay. They first told me "one month" than I call again. The guy started reading a script of basically "we are malingering on paying you" type crap. I was wondering if there is any number I can call besides that 800-827-1000 number to inquire about my status. I don't know why its taken so long when there is specific information telling them from the judge that VA owes. There was a remanded to see if I was eligible for IU (I get it now since 2014 im actually 90% with 10 of that been IU). I been on SS since 2004. Can Someone help me out? Thank you
  5. On July 31, 2018 I was granted an earlier effective date back to 2007 to 2014 (that when I got my 70% and got my TDIU ). The judge sent my file back to my local RO office, granting me to 2007 and remanded for an earlier effective date for TDIU. when would I get my retro?

  6. can yall tell me the email address for both acting under secretary thomas murphy and the secretary
  7. I am confuse....because I thought the rules said " YOU HAVE TO HAVE SERVED OVER 90DAYS REGARDLESS" (sorry for the caps)...to be eligible to receive a certificate?
  8. I went there to that website before coming here it doesn't tell me specifically about a person being 100% ...it only states; *If you do not meet the minimum service requirements, you may still be eligible if you were discharged due to (1) hardship, (2) the convenience of the government, (3) reduction-in-force, (4) certain medical conditions, or (5) a service-connected disability.
  9. That is very good of you to help him out! And thank you for your reply. I got an honorable discharge it wasnt a medical discharge (at least it doesnt say it on the dd214) but I was discharge because of my back....SO DOES THAT MAKE ME MEDICALLY DISCHARGE? Which will that make me able to get "A HoMe Loan?
  10. I am 100 percent rated by military but i served way under 90 days. Can I still get a home loan to get a house?
  11. I thought the VA is suppose to rate you even if you dont file a claim.......meaning.....if it presents itself as a secondary
  12. whats on your mind

  13. Thank you all for the responses. I am just trying to figure out now when to do this TDIU....I am still waiting for the rater to rate me
  14. when can I apply for it? Should I do it now or wait until the rater ....rate me? Also I havent gotten any back pay either yet
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