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  1. I was reading through some of the posts and was wondering what your TIPS for going to Dr.Ellis were?  I went to Dr. Ward for hearing in McAlester and was looking at Ellis for other ailments. Thanks for any advice!

  2. A1C is really the standard and will show right away. It's a essentially a glucose indication of the past 2-3 months. You'd need an opinion from a doctor of potential undiagnosed diabetes from 2002. You might persue that. They accepted my exit exam with Metabolic syndrome as proof though I was diagnosed with in a year of discharge and my doctor's records had the "date of diagnosis" recorded.
  3. Tinnitus can be aggravated by pain med (NSAIDs) and high blood pressure I believe.
  4. Old topic, but I have used Dr. Anaise for an IMO. I was very pleased with it. Have not got my decisions yet.
  5. Looks like a good IME. What was the result? What did the VA say about your claim?
  6. WHERE ARE THEY: Arizona NAME: Dr. Anaise WHAT IS THEIR SPECIALTY (or what you were seen for): General Med, Transplant, Practicing VA Attorney as well. COST: $1,500 CONTACT: http://www.danaise.com/ id they review your entire file - YES Did they provide a well written DBQ/IMO/IME? -YES Were they familiar with VA Claims (38 cfr, M21, etc) ? YES - exceptionally so as a VA lawyer. Would you classify them as "Vet Friendly" -- YES Would you recommend them to other veterans? -- YES Comments: (Be Brief) Provided me IMO for Sleep Apnea secondar
  7. I personally think this is good advice. In my experience VSOs are loose cannons and don't have the time to coordinate with you. They are possibly "good meaning" individual. However, if you have the time to follow and care about your claim, no one is going to be as good an advocate for you than yourself. Once you get to appeal you could consider a lawyer.... Thought my impression is the first appeal (BVA) you can handle yourself. Just my thoughts and there are many others who are more experienced here. I am batting 100% on my own been working on this since 10/2015. Just one a CUE mov
  8. Here is the statement I put in my tinnitus claim. I will let you know how it turns it. It appears they are sending me to an hearing exam: I understand that according to VA Training Letter 10-02 and 38 CFR 3.385, if service treatment records mention a complaint of tinnitus, the veteran claims tinnitus, and has current complaints of tinnitus, a medical opinion regarding possible causation is not required. Service connection can be established without an opinion about the specific cause of the tinnitus because it began in service.
  9. So I just had the fasting Claim in History!

    The VA found my pending claim.  Called me last Tuesday.  Opened a claim back to 2001.  VES called me and scheduled a blood test on Tuesday, I went to the Clinic on Friday and got the blood drawn.  The next Saturday (2 days ago), I had the C&P Exam.  Monday (today) they called me to finalize the decision and are sending out the documents.

    They also have voluntarily CUE'ed themselves on the date of my original ratings which were 1 year off.

    I though you might like that Berta they are taking your trend LOL.

    1. syne7


      Of course now they are trying to screw me on effective date and staged ratings :).

  10. Hello, I am looking for IMO/IME Recommendations from the around central texas area. I am willing to drive 3-5 hours. Please share any experiences or contact info. Thanks, syne7
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