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  1. I absolutely understand what asknod is saying and it would be difficult to help people with low "rates of return", but in my particular case, the attorney I asked simply sent an email that said, "I can't help you" with no explanation as to why he felt that way. I would have felt much better about it if I understand why he felt that it wasn't worth his time (even if it was simply that he wouldn't make enough money). Also, in my case, the attorney would have been recouping his expenses in a portion 80% of retro pay that was for the past 45 months (about $13,000) and I didn't do anything except continue to see my doctor over the past several years. Everything was documented in my SMR and civilian medical records which simply weren't reviewed when they first denied my claims and I didn't know about filing a reconsideration instead of appealing. Where I work, we have an attorney who will respond to our Request for Evidence with a handwritten letter that says "I already sent you everything". I bet his clients have no clue that he didn't collect the requested evidence until they get their denial letters. There are attorneys who are willing to fight for their clients and others who simply want to collect the fees they charge without putting in much effort. The worst part is that I have an employee on my team that recently passed the bar and yet I can't get him to stay off his cell phone long enough to actually look at customer files. He only partially fills out the required worksheet and makes tons of mistakes. There's good and bad everywhere.
  2. I think you may some very valid points about why some attorneys turn folks away and I also think Mike has some points too. For me personally, I did most of the work myself initially and was denied and I filed the NOD on my own as well. When the VA called to reschedule my new C&P's, one of my coworkers suggested coming to Hadit with any questions I had, so here I am. My last C&P was on December 3, 2015 and my claims were completed on December 23, 2015 with a combined total of 80%. I think Hadit has been wonderful with thoughts, suggestions, and friendliness. I work in a field where a lot of our clients our represented by attorneys and we see some amazing attorneys and we also see some that are horrible and do absolutely nothing to help their clients (which makes me sick with the latter group). It's very important to research whoever represents you and ensure they are actually an advocate for you and not just telling you all the things you want to hear. I definitely believe there are good and bad reps in all facets of this process.
  3. Peggy is the code name for the 800-827-1000 number. If you call the number and they are experiencing high call volumes, try this method to leave a number for them to call you back and they will return your call. As soon as the automated system starts, press 1, then as soon as that prompt starts, press 2, then as soon as the next one starts, press 3, then after the next prompt starts, press 0. Do not wait for the automated messages to play all the way through before pressing the numbers. It will lead you straight to the call back option and works like a charm. Or you may try calling the Philly VAMC and asking to speak directly to the DRO who is assigned to your case. I'm not sure if they will let you or not since I've never tried that, but it's worth a shot to see if he/she was the one who called you. Maybe some of the more seasoned veterans can chime in on this idea though since you probably don't want to make anyone mad either.
  4. To update all of you, I got my ratings yesterday and I was rated at 50% for PTSD and a combined rating of 80% for all of my claims which absolutely shocked me. Thank you all for your comments and comfort throughout this battle. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  5. Have you tried to call Peggy to see if there's any notes in the system about who may have called you? I've heard other folks mention having DRO's call them, so maybe it was the DRO.
  6. Yes, last week when I would look under the "disabilities" tab, it would show "preparation for notification". Then earlier this week, when I clicked on the "disabilities" tab, it would pull up each claim, but the screen would be blank other than the link that said "return to work in progress". That's what it showed even last night when I checked it, but when I opened it this morning, then it showed the 80% along with each individual rating. I then went to check the letters to see if it showed anything and sure enough, I was able to print the Summary of Benefits letter that showed the percent and amount.
  7. I haven't, but to be honest, I'm very new to Hadit, so I don't have a lot of experience with all the forums yet. Have you tried to call the 800 number to see if they know anything?
  8. I'm praying that since you were essentially in the same boat that I was even up to last night that it means you will hear good news very soon. I know that it's hard to be patient, especially with a system that only seems to work on an intermitent basis. Hang in there and definitely keep us updated.
  9. I was really surprised it was on eBenefits too, especially so close to Christmas when I'm sure they are short staffed--I actually think I'm still in shock. Hopefully, it means others will see good news very soon. I know it can be frustrating (even though we're all learning that eBenefits isn't the most reliable source at times). I was able to print off the AB8 letter from eBenefits this morning too. When I spoke to someone at the 800 number last week, she said I wouldn't be able to update my direct deposit until a decision had been made, so I called the direct deposit phone number about 30 minutes ago and updated everything. The man I spoke with told me that they mailed 8 live checks out in the mail this morning and he was able to verify that the retro pay did date back to March 2012.
  10. Hopefully, this means good news for everyone who hasn't been able to see anything. DevilDog12--Have you checked your account today?
  11. I just checked my eBenefits and it shows my rating now. I am in shock--it's 80%. To make it clear, I am not complaing, but isn't the VA supposed to go all the way back to the original filing date? I filed for all of the claims I was just awarded in March of 2012 and my letter says: "the effective date of the last change to your current award was: December 1, 2014".
  12. If it makes anyone feel better, I had a dream that I got 70% when it came back up. Lol. eBenefits still shows the same for me too. :-(
  13. I suspect you are very correct with that statement.
  14. Thank you. I found the list and we were at BIAP, Speicher, Victory, Liberty, Stryker, and Butler Range. I was with a combat engineer unit who built Butler Range, so we spent lots of time there. I am going to read more into it tomorrow and follow your suggestions. Many of the soldiers I deployed with have varying degrees of the symptoms you listed and many are annotated in my SMR's in addition to my civilian medical records.
  15. Mine is only on appeals as well. The first picture shows what my appeal shows when I try to see the status and the second one is from a privacy act request.
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