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  1. The first is just get a diagnosis. That is the easiest way to proceed get them connected. Then have an expert review your records either an IME or VSO someone with experience to tell you what to file. I use valor compensation consulting. But just make sure you get someone to help with the nexus. Good luck
  2. N4L I would think that perhaps they just had a clinician in that branch review the findings. But I am not certain a good question for the rep. Hope you get it figured out.
  3. Correct it a DRO review. And I was initially denied connectivity for a torn rotator cuff with arthritis that was the big one. The evidence that the IMO provided was that the exam was done incorrectly with improper range of motion testing and provider did the report on the wrong shoulder. So even though the imaging results showed the tear and she reviewed the left instead of the right. Also my Jaw was broken in service and even with documentation and titanium plates and screws I was denied TMJ. On the grounds that it was likely than not a condition of grinding my teeth. That was reversed and I am able to receive dental care.
  4. I did have a DRO instead of a hearing officer. My process for the NOD and Appeal I want to say about 14 months. Having the IMO really helped. I used Mrs.Spangenberg before the company was started and since she knew my VSO in Ohio he asked her to look at my claim. Once I heard that the company had actually been started I had to let people know. I know that when I was helped it was a free consultation, a quote for the service and time to completion for the opinion.
  5. I found out with my claim that the best way to get a more satisfying experience with a new claim or an appeal/reconsideration is to have a medical expert review your records. I used Valor Compensation Consulting for my appeal. I submitted my records to the company and apparently the examiner is a former Compensation and Pension examiner for the VA. After I received the results and finding I took it to my VSO for the appeal. It was much faster and easier since the Medical Professional had the experience and new what to look for in my records for my appeal and connection ability. Also it took much less time for the raters at the VA to review because they had substantiated credible medical opinion. I won my appeal and cant thank Valor Compensation Consulting enough!!! Also they are veteran owned and unlike law firms they don't seek a percentage of the benefit awarded. Look them up I know they helped me they can probably help you too. www.valorcompensationconsulting.com

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