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  1. I owe ~ $1300.00 in overpayment for travel pay from 2016. I talked to a third party collector and told him I'm rated 100%. I asked him if I could make a payment arrangement for $50, but he told me the Treasury wants more than that a month, and that he could not put me down for $50 a month for 24 months. I'm trying to take care of 3 debts atm without hurting myself too much. He told me they would come after my disability if I do not pay more than that. Am I SOL? 

  2. 12 hours ago, jbasser said:

    Buck gave you some good advice. If you apply for SSDI and you get denied you have to ask for reconsideration per SSA rules. At that time you are allowed to use an attorney to help with your claim. Now the fun begins. SSA uses a Blue Book or ratings book that has impairments and their severity. That is called listing level impairment. If you need one of these listed in the book you should be granted but it often takes an attorney and MD to put it together. SSDI also uses a five step process to determine your level of disability as it intertwines with the available occupations listed in the Voc Experts book of jobs.  My best advice is do not go this alone. Get help.


    So I should look for a lawyer that specializes in SSDI?

  3. Hello everyone. 

    I qualified for voc rehab, and my counselor gave me three options.

    The three options:

    1. Independent living program
    2. Extended contact (she will call me each month and see how i'm doing)
    3. reapply another time 

    She understands that my problems are more mental, and I told her that my chronic back pain and flat feet did not prevent me from getting around the house and living independently.

    I see a therapist once a week, so I think the extended contact would be useless. I'm 100% sc non p&t at the moment.

    Thanks for reading,


  4. On 8/11/2019 at 9:26 PM, Rickyfinch said:

    I filed a supplemental claim after the VA screwed up my DBQ during a C&P exam for filing to increase my percentage for PTSD. The supplemental claim was closed Aug 9 with no updates yet on Ebenifits and of course I can't see anything on the decision yet. My issue is when I open the claim under the issues tab is states under the currently under review area that there's a "compensation issue". What does that mean and has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance,


    I have a supplemental claim open. It states, " We dont know your status" and " 1 compensation issue". 

    I called the VA instead and got the status on my claim.

  5. @Buck52

    I'm dx with Major depression, recurrent with psychotic features & unspecified anxiety disorder 


    I didn't think that I had PTSD because I never saw combat. My LCSW explained to me that combat was not the only way someone could get PTSD, and that I fit the criteria  for non combat PTSD. I still feel a little denial, but everything we discuss during therapy points to PTSD. The funny thing is that she dx me with PTSD and the shrink says it is not true PTSD because I never saw combat. He says I experienced trauma, but doesn't want to call it PTSD. 

    Thanks all for the response.

  6. Hello everyone. 

    Some background info:

    1. I have a 70% SC rating for  Major depression
    2. I'm diagnosed with Major depression and unspecified anxiety disorder.

    My LCSW said that I suffer from PTSD and that my depression and anxiety are all symptoms of it. She was baffled as to why the VA has not added PTSD to my problems list. 

    Should I even bother with getting this changed to PTSD , or hold what I got? 


  7. @vetquest

    25 minutes ago, vetquest said:

    Going and getting a letter that you are not employable for Voc Rehab is a great thing to have for IU.

    Am I supposed to do the whole program first, or do I bring them the letter from my psychiatrist?

    You may not know the answer to this, but what happens if the letter I get from voc rehab and the letter I got from my psychiatrist have conflicting information? Which letter holds more weight? 


  8. Thank You all for the help.

    Just for clarification:

    1.  my care team (psychiatrist and LCSW) and I have a wonderful relationship. They've made it clear that they are here to help me, and if I need anything all I have to do is ask them.
    2. They've verbally said to me that I can not work the way I am. I have not seen this statement in myhealthevet, but I will give it another look.




  9. 19 minutes ago, Buck52 said:

    The VA is saying  over all  evidentary  records shows the criteria for your 50% is closely  as what the correct rating and not the 70% they gave you under the 38CFR4.7 CFR 4.26

    you need to have more symptoms like  occupational  social impairments like  work school social behavior toward family and others this would be under the 70% rating criteria  they are say you have the 50% rating criteria after viewing your medical records    so this means your therapist has said your showing an improvement, if you don't feel like you have made an improvement over the course of your treatment  you need to ask your therapist or let her know you don't feel like your better  its either about the same or worse. 

    I would sure try that and see if she will write you that letter that your condition has not changed..if she won't  request the hearing review and gather up your evidence that says you meet the 70% criteria rating or higher... you might need to go get a IMO/IME to present as your new and meterial evidence  if your therapist won't help you on this.


    @shrekthetank1 @Buck52 

    My mental health has been a downward spiral. I meet with the LCSW once a week, and the psychiatrist once a month. I will ask both of them if they could help, but if not i'm screwed.

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