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  1. I did NOT receive the VA Disability COLA Increase for 2019. I am extremely displeased with the way the Benefits side of the VA treats us Veterans. They have screwed up my appeal, even under the new RAMP program, now they can't even apply the new COLA increase. Am pleased with the Healthcare side of the VA though. I have had some great doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.
  2. Berta: No, I took myself off of Tramadol the day VA told me that I had sleep apnea and said to avoid it.
  3. I am wondering if anyone has filed a claim for Sleep Apnea based on a connection from being on Tramadol. As soon as the VA diagnosed me with moderate to severe Sleep Apnea, they told me to get off Tramadol since it was "like the plague." I was discharged back in 1980 and had never been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was put on Tramadol for pain by the VA several years ago. Any suggestions?
  4. I filed my NOD four years ago, next month. Still waiting for a decision from the DRO. I am wondering how long other Veterans here, have been waiting for an answer on their RO Appeal.
  5. The VA has sent me correspondence, asking me if I wanted to try the new appeals program. However, I filed my NOD 6/2014 and had my DRO hearing almost a year ago. I see no benefit in trying the new program when the RO should be making a decision on my appeal at any time. Why the VA doesn't already speed up the appeals process without a new program, I don't know. Did Congress give them more money to hire more DRO's? If not, all the new programs in the world won't make things any faster. Just my two cents.
  6. Waltbarb: Are you asking how long it takes to hear back on your appeal? Is this an appeal to the Regional Office (NOD filed)? While the VA has claimed that it might take upwards of a couple of years, my NOD was filed four years ago, next month, and I am still awaiting a decision from the DRO.
  7. Miked23: I would suggest that you contact a Veterans Service Officer with the DAV, Legion, AMVETS, or other Veterans group for assistance. Or, if you have copies of the claims you already filed/appealed, you might want to provide those to the Regional Office. Since RO's don't always provide you with a number to call, you might want to visit your RO and explain your concerns.
  8. It appears no one has provided a time frame for the length of the NOD/DRO Process. I can share that I appealed my disability claim denial in June 2014 and finally had a DRO hearing in June 2017. After checking with the RO, I was told they would be offering C&P exams. However, it has been a couple of months since I was told this and they have not contacted me. While each case may be different, I can only share what my experience has been thus far. Best of luck on your appeal shipmate! Veteran/Former Petty Officer Second Class
  9. My policy for my own claim(s) is to research the matter. Check the internet for related cases i.e. decisions from BVA and courts. Look for a precedent in a matter related to your particular concerns. Then make sure you appeal in a timely manner and share your research if you like in the appeal. I am talking in general terms of the way I have handled my own claim. If you don't feel comfortable conducting the research, contact a VSO, VA Accredited agent, or VA Accredited attorney Keep in mind that the latter two may charge you a contingent fee. Good Luck!
  10. Student Loan Disability Forgiveness for Disability (Changes) Please check out HR1, the new Tax Law just signed by President Trump. It appears, that if you have your student loans forgiven for being permanently disabled, the income tax liability has been removed. An copy of the law from the text of the new law is provided below. I do not claim to be an attorney, so please interpret it for yourself. PART IV—EDUCATION SEC. 11031. TREATMENT OF STUDENT LOANS DISCHARGED ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH OR DISABILITY. (a) In General.—Section 108(f) is amended by adding a
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