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  1. Thanks Berta. i didn't realize that others get that strange emotional reaction. The other thing that happened was the filing with the US court for veterans claims. Two people mentioned to me that if i file i would get solicited by attorneys wanting to represent me. The day after i filed my mail box was full and my phone didn't stop ringing. ( another reason to turn the phone off ) Just when i thought i could put the paperwork away for a while the crap is pouring in from everywhere. i know it sounds unreal but my head hurt so much i seem to be losing my sight literally! In fact everything h
  2. Thanks to all for the congrats. A kinda strange thing happens with me when i get good news. To go into details here about what that is might tarnish the "success" board. But since you guys are my brothers and sisters i want to talk some about it in another board to see if i'm not only the Steppenwolf but also the Lone Wolf. Thanks again! Stepp
  3. Over the years for whatever reason the VA envelope arrives just before a holiday. The news was always "DENIED" But maybe there's been a reversal of fortune. Friday i called the 1-800 number to ask about my hearing request and was told that there wouldn't be a hearing. My request for an increase was approved! Earlier in the week i spoke with a probono attorney in DC who had reviewed my other denied claims and he thinks the BVA made a mistake and his firm wants to represent me. Today i told him to file the appeal with the CAVC. July 4th has a whole new meaning for me. Thanks to t
  4. If the fee issue help another veteran that's a good thing and i certainly don't mind that you picked it out to comment Sledge. That said you can see how quickly it spins off to being the subject. A similar thing happened in another post that i started about the instructions and meaning of said instructions in VA FORM 4597. The attorney yesterday commented on how ambibuous that form is even for attornies trained in VA Law. Perhaps that's why no one has a solid answer. A few others here have commented on how and why possibily the case is biased. i think that is what the DAV and attorny's s
  5. When i mentioned >>>>" He also said that once the courts get my filing fee my records will be sent to them."<<<< it was mentioned only as a point of change concerning where my records would reside. ( if i can say it that way ) But in context of what was asked, the fee comment could have been left out completely. It occurs to me that this is in a way an example of how what gets contextualized becomes the point of focus whether a word or sentence is germane to the greater issue or question at hand is up for interpretation.
  6. Berta: " Can you tell us what rationale the judge stated for the "not probative" remark?" Yes. She said that the doctor did not state what exactly in my records lead him to the conclusion that my current condition is/was related to my urinary/prostate problems in service. It occurs to me that the VA and BVA wants arrows point to and pictures illustrating any and all connections. As Phillip Rogers and others have said to me in the past: "old decisions seem to carry a considerable amount of weight". i sometimes wonder why the rating paper work that the VA sent me back in 1971 that says 0% f
  7. Berta, PS Notice the heading here is about managing my own finances if i get TDIU. i have three more doctors letters; tow are IMO's for TDIU or at least an increase to 70%. i also have a therapist who is willing to come to the hearing with me for direct cross examination. Of course if the hearing falls on her birthday or her sons wedding day i have a feeling which event she will chose.
  8. Berta, You asked two things: What does the rep suggest as to the next step you should take? and Has your vet rep suggested that this is what you might need in order to succeed? ( referring to an IMO ) In a way both of these questions can be answered with the same answer: My VSO up until now has clearly misunderstood the state of my case; hence the letter from VARO to my senator stating that they made a mistake and at the time of the letter ( about a year ago ) 2 issues on appeal had NOT been ruled on yet and they were asking me if i had any more evidence. i did/do, but my VSO
  9. Berta, i'm sorry if it seems like i keep asking the same question(s) Aren't the details of a case to some degree determinant to what one does to best serve the specifics of their case? i keep referring to that VA from 4597. On one hand it seems to not only list the things a veteran can do "to appeal" is what it says on the top of the form. But it also give examples of what circumstances might determine which choice the veteran makes. Also in those instructions i read that if CAVC puts it on it's docket then the BVA in essence must ask permission from CAVC to hear, consider, ta
  10. Is there an answer to this question? i sometimes don't know if people get defensive or maybe they really do not know the answer to the question, or maybe it's me....i remember that from my days in the military: someone doesn't like what you say or how you say it, they project that you're being argumentative or something....whatever it is they chose to not reply. If there is something that i said wrong here or didn't ask right, then please point it out. i want to know what these options mean on the VA Form 4597. After reading it ten plus times it seems to say that the 120 days only
  11. i'll be the first to admit that i sometimes have problems understanding the nuances of terms used by the VA. So, for instance, this VA from 4597 that was sent to me has the title on it: YOUR RIGHTS TO APPEAL OUR DECISION Can we say then that what i will be doing is "appealing"? If i am appealing and if the decision that was just rendered was rendered on my "appeal", then i too have won a reversal of a previous decision. If however the term "appeal" is somehow generic and the DRO hearing and denial as well as the travel board hearing was something different, then how did i get to THAT plac
  12. Pr: " If you want to file a reconsideration request you should do it now, altho I feel it is a waste of time!!! " And why do you think this PR?
  13. After the edit: a phone caLL before i posted resulted in a couple of disjointed paragraphs. Sorry for even more confusion to the confusion. Not an attorney. The DAV is my POA and they started this round of appeal(s) for me in 01. They went to a DRO hearing in 04 with me. They went to the travel board hearing with me in 06. Since then i've been having problems with them. They argue with me and in my humble opinion they are now as much of the problem as anything that i have run into over the whole case. So for instance i called them the week that i received the judges decision in the mail. It
  14. Testvet: " when did you first get awarded the rating that you want the VA to raise? " June 2009 retro 2001. TV: "Has your condition worsened since you were first rated?" Yes. A 3 month university study and accompanying letter was added to my file in April 2009 during my C&P stating that my condition has kept me from working "for the past 39 years" Another complete psychological battery of tests and letter recommending that i file for SSDI was denied because i had not worked enough to qualify. Just put in for my regular SS and if the amount tells you anything i get $333.00 That same 1
  15. Carli "Example:, If someone receives a rating decision that grants SC for a disability at say 20 percent and the medical evidence of record in the rating decision clearly meets the criteria of 40 percent - then they should submit a NOD and request the 20 percent be increased to 40 percent, per the medical evidence of record." When does anything "clearly meet the criteria"? i say that with no disrespect to your feedback. In fact i appreciate everything that you wrote. It seemed beyond clear to me that my evidence met the criteria for 70% which was mentioned in my award. " Your award of 5
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