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  1. Buck said "it all comes down to self motivation and discipline."" Spot on! I have a bunch of things going bad and my doc said that although I was overweight, I wasn't obese. He said losing weight to the proper value for my height would help me for my x,y, and z disabilities. Not the first time I've heard that, we all have. But my motivation was if I were to have a stroke or heart attack, who would take care of my wife who is disabled?  That was when the light bulb went on and when the motivation kicked in. I've lost 20#. Not easy, but believe me, if I can do it anyone can. What worked for me was to reduce calories mainly by smaller portions and therefore less calories. Also try to walk about a mile every day.

  2. Hamslice My guess it would certainly make sense to make an IRIS inquiry on it and see what they say. You have a few months for it to be in effect. If you think that your condition definitely hasn't improved and should meet the criteria for the increased rating of 30%, get an outside doc's opinion and submit a supplemental claim for the increase. Not much to lose, right?

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  3. Ken If these side issues you have, like tripping (drop foot/ SMC(k) for loss of use?, balance, etc. are not part of the criteria called out on your examiner's dbq, you will have to submit new claims for those conditions. I'm sure they are not.  But first, get a diagnosis of them and a nexus letter and then submit a new claim as secondary to your s-c back. I don't know how he will eval your range of motion.

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  4. It isn't unusual for the back and forth action; happen a lot.

    If you check "letters" in VA.gov it can show a change in your ratings. Also, ebenefits under rated disabilities. I had a change the day after the decision was made but the hard copy can take 7-10 days. Also, assuming you have direct deposit, the deposit for back pay can be in your accout in as little as 2-3 days. Best of luck.

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  5. 11cvolley We know anxiety can be a rough go but you have to keep going. I try to think "OK, can whatever more I do change anything?" If the answer is no, I've done all I could, then you have to convince yourself that there is nothing more you can do until somebody else does what they have to do. I know it sounds arbitrary but if I do that it seems to take the edge off of what I'm worrying about. Helps a little. Just remind yourself that you can't do anything more about it. Good luck on your exam brother.

  6. They want more up-to-date medical info on you. Have you been goin to the VA or elsewhere for MH treatments? Are they updated in your VA files for the VA to review. If you are not P&T, and not getting medical help and posting it, better start. It may even help minimize some of your symptoms. If the VA doesn't see you are working on attending, they may assume you must be getting better and try to reduce.

  7. Usaf9498 Sorry to hear about your disabilities man, especially being a truck driver. Vision and joints driving is tough. If you can get the IBS as s-c, do it. The thing about Gulf War syndrome is I believe you have to rule out everything else and when there is nothing left, then it is considered. You GW veterans are going to be fighting that uphill battle for 50 years, just like Vietnam guys have with A.O. I don't think it is too much of a leap to figure your conditions are likely to get worse, so start planning. If they get so bad that you can't drive anymore, TDIU may be something you need to deal with. Can you link your eye condition as secondary to a s-c condition? Try to figure out a plan to get to 100% scheduler, rather than having to hope for TDIU and not being able to work at anything. How about pain as secondary to all your conditions; it would be a MH issue, but keep working on getting more ratings. SMC's may be in the future by setting them. Consider getting a lawyer on GW disabilities. Yes, it will cost you, but the VA will fight really hard to stop 90 going to 100%. And GW stuff they reject at a 80% rate anyway. Your odds of winning will be a lot better on whatever you go after, IMHO. Think of it as an investment. You're still young; the payback is worth it.

  8. Buck Just spitballing here. I wonder if it is a CUE if the VA  fail fails to apply smc's, based of course on your record? If it could be then I would just run it by CC&K or one of the big law firms and see what they say. I mean, you have it awarded as a seperate action way after and there isn't any threat to lose it or anything. It would be like new found money, so giving some up to a lawyer who helps you win isn't the worse thing in the world. I'd give it a try.

  9. More often than not, that's pretty good advise Hamslice. The VA has a process; to buck the process is not "usual" and therefore cause people to sometimes make poor decisions at the VA. If called for an exam, you go under almost every situation. Not to do so can cause issues out side their normal procedure. If the exam is not adequate, there is opportunity to appeal that. But if you don't go, you can have a really hard uphill battle and waste a lot of time justifying it, even though you may win in the end. Best course of action is usually to go with the flow and play by their rules. Admittedly, not always, but most of the time. Have a good plan  of action if you don't.

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  10. Lighthouse It may have been a good move, but you will never know. If the two exams resulted in favorable exams, you would have won. The favorable decision is the desired result here; you're not interested in receiving medical treatment. You just want to win. Maybe they would have, maybe not. Getting rescheduled to a VA examiner will certainly be a delay in your claim, but it also could result in a unfavorable result. You will find that out. I'm not dumping on you but some might say you took an option off the table. If the outside examiners gave a unfavorable, you could then have the option to complain about their qualifications and adequacies of their exams and request a re-do. But I do appreciate the anxiety level and understand that you want professionals to do the job. There truly is no correct answer to the question. But if it makes you feel better, you did the right thing for you. Just go to the new exam and know your symptoms and know what is required for the bump up in rating. You'll do fine. Good luck.(even if you are a NY Yankees fan.)

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  11. Brokensoldier is spot on. This 180 days stuff scares away a lot of veterans. It just isn't true. She just has to prove out s-c, like everyone else. If she was md boarded out or discharged for the injury, it would be  slam dunk. I got a friend get benefits (50%) for a disability that happened 50 years prior in basic. The problem is many people, including VSO's just repeat this 180 day thing without understanding the rule. If it happens in-service, you are service connected.

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  12. Shrek Take the easy way out and just call Peggy. If she is wrong so what.You might get a good direction from her. Or, you could just try the dental or vision folks at your RO and see what they say the process is. You might also want to explore outside the VA for some of those benefits though.

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