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  1. Oh Happy Day!!! To piggyback on a phrase acesup used, (The Eagle Has Shit), let me repeat (The Eagle Has Shit). Six times in one day. Yes, 4 months 2 weeks and 1 day since my BVA Grant I am finally paid. Let me say to the folks who run HADIT, I discovered and came on board with you all at the end of my appeal but I have not been able to stay away since I discovered you all. I tell all my vet friends about this site. You people are awesome and you do amazing work. Please keep it up !!! Thank you HADIT for all you do!!! To all the Vets Keep fighting. Never give up....
  2. GBArmy, Thanks for your comments and all the info. You’re very helpful!!
  3. Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate you and your comments.
  4. I filed my first VA claim in 2013. Most of the claim was denied however I did receive a 20%sc which shortly after changed to 40% after they ruled on another item that had earlier been deferred. I immediately filed an appeal and shortly thereafter another claim for new conditions. The new claim was completely denied and I immediately filed a second appeal. Hoping I would win one appeal and be able to reach a 70%sc and qualify for TDIU I went ahead and applied for TDIU even though I was still just 40%. I figured I might at least be able to get an earlier effective date if approved. It too was de
  5. So here we go. Four months and one week to the day of my 4 Mar 19 BVA Grant, my rating has finally changed on Ebenefits. I am now rated at 90% but have also been granted TDIU so I’m being paid at the 100% rate and Ebenefits says it’s Permanent & Total. Oh happy day. Thank you Lord and Thank you to my Two Ángels in Heaven, Mom & Dad. No dough as of yet but based on the Ebenefits changes I’m quite certain the Eagle is about to SHIT HEAVILY in my bank account.
  6. Today is 4 months since my BVA Grant (4Mar19)on three issues and remand of one. Absolutely no changes. No rating change and no retro. 
  7. Yesterday was three months since my BVA Grant (4Mar19)on three issues and remand of one. Absolutely no changes. No rating change and no retro.
  8. Greetings to all, I am currently 40% since 2013. Mar of 2019 the BVA granted service connection for sleep apnea and a conversion disorder both secondary to to my service connected acid reflux. They also granted a lumbar strain. It’s my understanding that prior to Feb 2019 claims returned to the regional office to be rated but that after that date they now all go to one central location to be rated now. Can you elaborate on this. 2 months almost and nothing has happened.
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