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  1. My experience with the Denver VARO was good, although I did not think so at the time my first claim was pending. In retrospect, my claim dragged on for three years primarily because I did not initially submit the proper documentation to support my claim; consequencely, the first decision approved only a portion of the claim. The reconsideration/appeal is really what added a significant amount of time--that extra time could have been avoided if I had submitted complete documentation with my original correspondence. Additionally, for the past seven years I have assisted a Korean War veteran in his travels to Denver for VA treatment and tests. In my opinion, he could not have received better treatment even if he had been treated by doctors at the Mayo Clinic or other highly regarded private entities. Ron
  2. Re: Frequently Contacting the VARO This is just an opinion (as are many of the comments here). My opinion was formed during the three-year odyssey of my first claim for compensation. --Constantly contacting the VARO about one's claim accomplishes nothing positive. --It is unlikely that a kindly, benevolent vet svc rep at the VARO will bump your claim or expedite it. --The most important features (that the veteran controls) of a successful claim are the completeness and accuracy of the claim. Completeness includes the nexus of the disability to your service. Ron
  3. I find eBenefits helpful in the following areas: 1. The VA letter feature 2. Direct Deposit feature 3. Payment history 4. and...the claim status feature for speculation purposes (i.e. guessing how accurate the information might be) Ron
  4. Are you still around? Ron from Manitou Springs

  5. Are you still around? Ron from Manitou Springs

  6. I hand-carried new and material evidence to my VARO some months ago and gave the documents directly to the individual who showed my c-file to me (he happened to be a coach/manager of the customer service team). Although the documents were given directly to him, they were still date-stamped and given to another person to process through the system. Neither a rater or a DRO was involved in the process at that time. Like others have said, I think it is unlikely a rater and/or a DRO would accept evidence directly from anyone other than from folks within the VA system. Ron
  7. If I understand your post correctly, DFAS has been notified that you are entitled to additional CRDP. My experience with the DFAS "telephone people" tells me that although they seem to be friendlier than the old 1-800 VARO associates, they actually know even less than the VA representatives. I suspect that the DFAS representatives do better with regular military retirement questions, but anything related to CRSC or CRDP is beyond their expertise. The Army approved my CRSC case within 14 days after receipt. Total time for DFAS to generate a payment (receipt of approval to deposit in bank): 42 days. And...I'm not sure at this time if the payment will include the retroactive monies, just the monthly entitlement has been confirmed. All in all...pretty fast processing. Ron
  8. I asked the same question a year or so ago. Apparently, it doesn't matter what color the envelope happens to be--that is what I was told anyway. Ron
  9. I've used a CPAP for 12 years and "don't leave home without it." (For out of town) Some like the half-mask which ends below your nose; I prefer the full mask that covers the entire face, plus it doesn't mess up my silver mustache. As others have said, it the mask doesn't have a proper seal, then it is worthless. Ron
  10. Skunk...I wish you well. Just a bit of humor I'll throw in...I looked for several minutes for the person with the name, "ALCON" (see initial post). Then it hit me....duh, it was "All Concerned." Ron
  11. It is gratifying to see a veteran get what they are due. Congratulations... Ron
  12. I know nothing about hearing tests, but I do know Carlie. I do believe all she was trying to do is help a she had done hundreds of times. One of her personal characteristics, which I admire, is that she is straight-forward and doesn't beat around the bush. If her experience tells her that a claim might have holes in it, she will say just that. I'm glad that she doesn't lead vets on with regard to their claims. With that said, I hope Stillhere receives all the benefits he is entitled to. Ron
  13. Hello, I agree (and that is interesting info about the drugs). I've finished posting on this thread--we all have our experiences and other influences that shape our opinions. My opinions on any particular subject have no more merit than those of anyone else... Ron
  14. Re: "The military and the VA continue to have a hidden agenda of saving the tax payers money by cheating veterans out of benefits." --Hoppy-- I would be interested in reading the evidence of the hidden agenda. Could you please provide a reference? And...the fact that many vets are initially turned down (or finally turned down) is not evidence to support the "hidden agenda" hypothesis. Those denials are more likely due to reasons 1-6 listed below (another post), workload issues, or the problem of proving a nexus for their disability. The Clown Man and myself had more than 45 years combined service in the Army and both of us had Top Secret clearances at one time or another. Neither of us ever saw evidence of the military having a hidden agenda such as what was discussed earlier. I really don't have a dog in this fight as I have major issues with the VA myself, but I sincerely don't believe they are due to some hidden agenda. Actually, I think that idea is preposterous. Ron
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