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  1. Yes MY OPINION. If its family history it should not be service connected. PERIOD. It is wrong. And I am allowed my opinion...and if stating no offense bothers you..well no offense...move past it. you stated your opinion without someone telling you moving past your opinion. get butt hurt much?????? Again, family history should not be able to be service connected. Its not right. You would /may have gotten it even if never served. Claims like this drain the system. And then people die never getting anything...but hey...tell that Vietnam vet reading this that its okay he aint getting shit for be
  2. That was me. My bad...in reading the post i didnt realize it was someone else posting it other than the poster. My eyes were hurting and after you posted i realized my error. i think it was the long quote he quoted that through me off. but to the original poster...i am still lost on why tdiu is bad and freaking you out. it could be better than a higher rating. and some disabilities have caps and you may never ever get higher than what you have. i have service connected hearing loss and va issued hearing aid but still at 0% with my 10% tinnitus I have major issues with certain accents, ton
  3. #1. You may wanna get checked for cancer as METFORMIN has been recalled for causing cancer. #2. No offense, but how did the service cause your diabetes. As someone with a family history of it, there is no way its service connected. And I am seeing more and more of people who are getting diabetes or with other family histories getting service connected for non service connected illnesses. And that is wrong. I had to fight for 20 years for my actual service connected issues. And there are VIETNAM vets STILL fighting. That is what is wrong with this system. My dad died getting NOTHING. So
  4. It sounds like that they made an error in your last exam and maybe didnt address a few things so they are fixing it by re-examining you. That would be my guess.
  5. So now I am confused. You are already 100% P/T but yet they are trying to TDIU you? Do you currently work? Pay and benefit wise they are the same thing. So I am totally lost.
  6. The new law is for VA doctors and malpractice. Not the BVA which is a court.
  7. No none as of yet. Maybe tomorrow, we shall see. I figured maybe the day after or the day the money is released it may show. Just my assumption though.
  8. Update #1 as of today, on ebenefits it shows a new claim, gathering evidence for attorney fee decision....and on va.gov it shows as closed, and letter on its way all dated todays date. No other changes on ebenefits with the disabilities or letters. I am scared. I am not gonna lie. After 20 yrs, my luck heart attack after opening my letter...or the day the money shows. I know I can call Peggy and most likely find out final numbers but if it is somehow bad, that is not the way I want to find out LOL. Time to watch the mail. If it is coming from my varo, I might get it Saturday!
  9. Actually, that is wrong. You can deny any med without repercussion. They cant force you to take medication. And they cannot hold it against you. I refuse meds as I have kidney disease (as do 1 in 5 adults). Therefore most meds are dangerous, and after forced anthrax vaccines, and the opioid crisis, it is your choice. And, they do not trully know what harm any med can do til YEARS later. Look at zantac.
  10. Just an FYI. Ebenefits is updating daily with any new info on your claims. As of today, (i am an habitual checker, multi times a day) well for today my site just changed and my claim is now closed INCLUDING the remand and it was service connected. No new letters or update under the disabilities tab but it shows on va.gov also. I will let you know when i see the ebennies change for everything showing up.
  11. IU is great. It means you are unable to work and paid at the 100% level. Yes, it means they are reviewing your evidence also..its good...real good. keep your chin up. you may have this without any fight.
  12. I believe IU is Individual Unemployability. So they may be adding it due to what you have, your ratings etc. They can do that. If they find while doing what they are doing that you auto qualify, they can go ahead and give it to you. Which is good thing.
  13. I feel for you. All I can say is keep fighting and remember VA.gov isnt always right or accurate. One day mine said i was still 132k on the list and the next day it said the judge granted my 100% unemployable. . That was May 20th and still waiting. After 20 years of fighting. Yep 20 years. If it continues, get a lawyer. Don't keep telling yourself one more year....That one more year may screw you on one more year of back pay.
  14. Ok, so I have to ask. I have seen many post where the veteran states, "I logged into va.gov and i had an alert". I have never...NEVER EVER had an alert. Where do they show up exactly????? Even though my claims are ending, I am very curious about this. Enquirering minds wanna know!
  15. I was granted TDIU on May 20 from the BVA. Still no change on ebenfits for me either.
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