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  1. My husband applied for each of them, although it's The Foot, pes planus has a few nexus claims. Waiting for envelope to tell us if he was approved.
  2. How did the evaluation go? I was told that the program is making cuts and I just had my yearly so I am in shambles wondering what's next and how long before I am told
  3. I am 100% P&T and I had surgery on a non service connected part of my body. The surgery caused an infection and was required to use a steroid cream, am I entitled to a clothing allowance since it was the surgery that caused my skin disorder?
  4. I have been quiet on had it for many years, although I always would get updates. To See RUR so rude he may want to go to Facebook with that drama. The fact he questioned Berta's knowledge is almost delete worthy.
  5. I realized after I got my 100% that I just came on the thread and read, but never had input and that's unfair because hadit.com helped me get my 100% after 7 months and it took my dad who was a Vietnam Vet 6 years and sadly he died within 6 months of his 100%. So now it's time for me to give back to what I received from here....SUPPORT

  6. I am wondering if there is anyone currently receiving Independent Living Assistance. I have been home for almost 2 years now after retiring and now I am just bored...who would have thought. <_< I was denied Voc Rehab due to my SC disability and I am receiving SSDI so I want to find something to do on my semi-good days especially now that most shows will be going on hiatus and reruns will start on shows that I watch daily.
  7. Spent the day at mt Dad and we found his Workman's Comp disapproval letter stating that his asbestos came from being below deck on Navy Vessels for 10 years. We have a buddy that is willing to write a statement as to where my Dad spent most of his time below deck in the boiler rooms. He is feeling better today and ready to fight, fight, fight. I will post what they wrote about his asbestos tomorrow a little tired from such a hard day.
  8. Jbasser, My Dad is a Retired Damage Controlman and although he is able to still somewhat enjoy life about 8 years ago he was diagnosed with asbestos and he put in for Workmans Comp and everyone of those doctors claim that he received got asbestos from being exposed in the Navy. He served on every old asbestos ship. We are going to send his previous doctors notes stating it was from him being in the Navy. Thank you guys so much. I am trying to remain positive, but my Dad is the reason I joined the Navy, because he spoke so highly of the places and things he did that I wanted to do the same.
  9. My Dad just received his Brown Envelope and he was DENIED FOR EVERYTHING. He has Asbestiosis, Sleep Apnea, Pulmonary Hypertension and Cluster Headaches. He was told that the Asbestos was caused by his job that he did when after he got out the Navy. He was told by his job when he filed a Worksmans Comp claim that his Asbestos was caused by the Navy. Tomorrow I will be going to his house to see the letter to begin doing an immediate Notice of Disagreement. We will be sending in the letter from the previous doctor's saying he got it from the Navy. The pulmonary hypertension and sleep apnea is sec
  10. This post is so sad, because I use to peruse another message board, but their total disrespect for eachothers opinion was totally out of line. What I like about Hadit is that the Moderators on here really know how to mediate the board. We all have opinions and we have to learn to agree to disagree. Most on this board suffer from some type of mental disorder and are entitled to a bad day and vent, but that does not mean that person should be able to always do it (if they do). The person that is reading the post if you don't like what they say do one or two things keep reading and not reply or r
  11. Berta, He submitted his claim the same time as mine Oct 06 and had made little headway since, but the last couple months they had said it was at the Rating Board so this is the first time they said anything about an Adjudicator. When I was awaiting my claim I was just told mine was on the Adjudicator's Desk and within 2 weeks I recceived some money with another 2 weeks awaiting the Brown Envelope. I tried to cover all his bases just in case they did not give him 100% I requested IU with the claim and also had him sign the form to waive his Navy retirement.
  12. Hello Everyone, My dad just called and said his claim is on the Senior Adjudicator's Desk. Can anyone explain to me what this means? Thank you.
  13. Hello Everyone, I must say that I am feeling really estatic right now. I retired from the Navy Sept 06 and within that time I have been approved for SSDI the first time and reading some of these stories I am schocked that I was approved the first time and within 5 months from submission to payment. I was granted 70% when I submitted my claim Oct 06 with approval March 07. I knew that my decision should have been higher so instead of putting in an appeal and waiting years I reopened my claim in June 07 requesting an increase based on new medical evidence and also requested IU. I was denied I
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