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  1. well they changed the status of mine, it went from 1-2 months for decision to judge is getting more medical opinions...
  2. How many other disabled vets joined the class action? https://www.militarytimes.com/news/2018/08/24/court-ruling-allows-class-action-lawsuits-against-va/?fbclid=IwAR3R9GKwlCkSSVMlFECuOfrYLokQ5A8GBl_HVpxx6XLReyPkgQKcaX5M9-o#.XWdRtI6TfeQ.facebook I did, not sure what will come of it, I am so damned mad, not to be a drama queen but I hope heads roll and it is fixed! Very very angry at the crooks!
  3. btw, this video explaining a real life experience of someone who filed a claim, is b.s. at least for me and so many others,, they cherry picked a claim where the vet wasn't screwed bad. so misleading it is criminal how they show a good process that we never got... IMHO (I am sorry about the vet who was actually in the video and used as propaganda by the liars))
  4. I never saw a status bar? can't find the tracking for veterans ahead in line,,,,, gave up looking... but yes, thank you.... good too know it is not frozen forever... this is missing, looked forever: This progress bar shows the total number of appeals on the docket, and the number of appeals ahead of you. I guess I am special.. [sarcasm]
  5. update with glaucoma... the eye drops latranopost and timonol (drops) both did not help (as much as they wanted).... they are going to prescribe me a more aggressive type of eye drop for the disease... they said it still is in the early stages.... not sure if I can see a difference, as the same eye has cataracts also. To me it looks like is has a more narrow field of view. The tests also show what I feel. Since I am already very sick from other issues, it is another big problem on top of all other issues I health issues I have....
  6. so that is how it looks when something happens! Mine said 1-2 months 5 months ago. Too much stress wondering about what letters say !
  7. Postman1988, was yours just one issue, if not, more than 1 issue, did they make a decision for the one, all of them, and do the rest separate, or all at once? are you finished? a letter, a final letter, pay first then a letter? Thanx
  8. 1-2 months for decision, says my BVA pages....

    but, that was many moons ago....



  9. Buck, thank you for posting these updates on the va.... as they are very helpful, could not keep track of all these updates on my own, plus many are of special interest to me for my issues. This one about nutrition will probably affect millions of us.
  10. I also have had very bad things happen, at VSO offices.... I have been called stupid, I have been told they refused to file for things and I had to write my own with no help from them, I have been dumped because of people moving around and they didn't have time to help me, even though I was already a client, and the goes on.... I cannot tell how many times lots of time was wasted as I ended up waiting, or not getting any help. When someone in the forums ask if we should use a VSO, I was very hesitant to even say maybe. And I saw anger (from VSO's who read these forums) when some people told stories of the bad stuff. We either lose because of bad ones or we lose years of time because we couldn't get someone to type a couple of words. I could tell some bad stories, some good ones too, but I think my biggest advice is, if you think you are going to lose a date because of some bad people, write the paper yourself to make sure the date it held in place. Use it as a place holder. I found that even is huge cities that often it is impossible to find someone to help. I cannot tell you how many times I had to spend weeks phoning and driving looking for people and VSO's to help, only to get nowhere. Cities like San Diego. Even bad experiences in Oregon with bad problems with getting help. I have left offices so low I was in tears. Or so angry my heart was going to explode.
  11. mine (posted) in these forums too... once every few weeks changes slightly....I had even sent more evidence (I hate using the word evidence, it is like I am a criminal on trial) when it was the time to do so... but the 1-2 months thing seems like a bunch of b.s. but we shall see.
  12. VLJ, BVA, says decision in 1-2 months... that was almost one month ago. Supposedly sped up for hardship, due to extremely bad health. after 20 years since the first filing.. and then 10 years after more VA disability claim filings... Issues Currently on appeal Remand Service connection, myositis Service connection, Major depressive disorder Service connection, Irritable bowel syndrome Service connection, Eczema Service connection, Parkinson's disease Benefits as a result of VA error (Section 1151) Closed Granted New and material evidence to reopen claim for service connection, Irritable bowel syndrome New and material evidence to reopen claim for service connection, Eczema New and material evidence to reopen claim for service connection, Parkinson's disease Service connection, Limitation of leg motion (flexion)
  13. I took some papers out of my files, that I had already sent them, when new, and again sent them in and the judge counted them as new evidence, some of these papers are 20 years old... they just never read what I gave them..
  14. Update: Hi, The VA GI clinic that did my pancreas operation and procedures, where I Lived for 6 months wrote an IMO, that states the complications 'more likely than not' caused by the procedure (cutting the billary tube while doing a fine needle aspiration) at the VA. I wrote a letter to a doctor who saw me every day for 6 months and it turned out he had moved, but then the clinic contacted me back and told me they would write an IMO for me. So they sent it, I sent it to the BVA judge a couple months back. FYI I also sent the judge (a year ago, a doctor statement from a dental surgeon that the teeth were destroyed by intestinal disease.) The BVA judge had asked why I didn't get help by the VA, I told him I tried many times but was told no and to leave. Might be more, but for now... so, the BVA judge is working on the decisions, and no longer is anything in remand. Steven
  15. 2.5 years ago I posted this and it probably really happened 6 months, or more, before I found out... If anyone wants a timeline for their own case.. I have no clue if mine is normal, abnormal, or???? Like I said, if you don't have problems before, you will after....
  16. Today I received a call from the GI clinic that did my pancreatitis (necrotizing Pancreatitis operation/procedure) Ja Lolla California, San Diego VA Hospital. I had written a letter to the doctor who was one of my GI doctors who took care of me during my six months as an inpatient after the pancreatic procedures that went wrong. He had left the USA last year. But the doctors in the GI clinic got my letter and wrote me an IMO (Independent Medical Opinion on my behalf). They told me they are mailing it today Yes, it is July 3, 2019, tomorrow is a holiday. I should have the letter by Saturday ? I will take this IMO and get it the BVA second I get it. I was told it was written properly with the correct IMO wording 'More than likely' is written into the IMO. I still have 2 weeks before my deadline is up for returning evidence. I thought I would post this in my thread, as I will give credit were credit is due.
  17. I did the in person BVA hearing with my POA in the room, and the video taping and recording equipment kept breaking down, so they kept stopping my hearing.... so, even with a live hearing, they will find a way to screw...... my judge was a good guy,,, he was just doing his job, but I fear they have been draggin it on for several years and by the time they finish he will have been long gone and someone that has no clue will take his place... no mind reader, but the first judge was good to me.... now they are spending year sin appeals and digging up medical opinions for the VA. Just paranoid.......
  18. from what I understand, lawyers will not help unless they are almost sure they will win. And Will not take cases that take a long time. At least that is what I went through.
  19. Nightmare.. so,, there is an, appeals POA (office that does appeals only), my POA sent me to help me finish with the BVA appeals... and I was trying to get a letter from one of my doctors that was working for both UC San Diego medical school and the VA as a Gastroenterologist. So, it looks like he just quit there recently, and looks like he is working in the Middle East at some medical University. So, it looks impossible to get in contact with him without looking like a stalker. He could have really helped with a letter about the causes of my health problems, as he was one of my doctors when I was an inpatient for 6 months. he was one who had linked the chemicals to the pancreatitis. he did on his own, as they interrogated me asking what I worked with before I got sick. Lucky me..... my doctor goes to the United Arab Emirates to probably get paid a fortune. So, no way to ask him for the letter. The VA revolving door bites us again. I don't remember the other doctor's names... even if I did it has been a long time and I would look like a stalker from trying to contact people from a long distance search. They could have written down the conversation where they kept asking me what I worked with and how they affected my health while on active duty. I thought the BVA would finally just help me, but now they are getting more opinions I guess. The VA really plays dirty. They will not stop until they try everything to stop me from getting full benefits. I still fee confident I can win but the extra time, and misery really hurts.
  20. I am getting positive and negative on whether this is good.... I sent a message to my surgeon from 10 years ago, waiting to see if he calls me back... I am going to see if he will write me a small IMO.
  21. I received a copy of the VA medical opinion on my 1151 for necrotizing pancreatitis (in my PO Box), and a notice that I have 60 days to submit additional evidence. copy of the letter, with private info blocked. I sent info to my POA. Doing this while really sick totally sucks. (sorry for injecting my own take).
  22. I really want to report some problems with the Oregon VA Hospital and doctors, but I need to wait for my claim to get through... I have a horrible story of abuse from them... but, I don't want anything to interfere with my claims.... I am not sure if it would affect them, but am afraid someone could screw me for talking about what they did and got a way with...
  23. I suggest, if you have a POA, having them fax it to the VA. that way there are records of it. Like it was said, proof of it being received. Then the issue of the va reading it, evidence, etc. IMHO
  24. After all these years of hell, suffering and more hell... I see progress in the updates for my BVA case.... but, this is the my news for this morning on va.gov I read the comments and encouragement, but I don't answer all. The last bit yesterday looked like it advanced a tidbit more...
  25. Current Status The judge is seeking more information before making a decision The Board of Veterans’ Appeals is seeking evidence or an outside opinion from a legal, medical, or other professional in order to make a decision about your appeal.
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