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                                 I have been reading pros and cons of revolver vs semi-automatic pistols like Glock.  The usual con is that you just have six shots and if you are involved in home invasion you might have multiple shooters and need many rounds in your weapon.  These are same guys who believe you should have AK-47 knock off or AR-15 handy just in case.  Over penetration is a big worry in my dense neighborhood.  If I was in shoot out with home invaders and was shooting many rounds I would probably kill a few neighbors .  How do you come down on this Con.?  Is six shots enough for home defense?  Revolvers don't jam and they are simple which I like.  Glock is pretty simple as well.  I know it has more moving parts which I don't like.  Having gun jam at moment of truth would be worst outcome.  Plus which is most fun to shoot and is cleaning and maintenance a pain with semi-auto.  I have no experience with hand guns just rifles (M-14 and M-16) and shotguns.   I was a good shot in army but that is very different than close range pistol shoot out I know.  How often do you practice with  your weapons at the range.  Imagine night time shooting at home.   Where does it all go wrong for homeowner who is scared shitless, half asleep and  with gun in hand.   I do know the effect of extreme fear on human beings.  All openings do close up except bladder perhaps. I do know guys who pissed their pants during chopper crash in Nam.  I am not tough guy and never was.  Now I am just pretty broken down guy who fears for safety of his wife and self to an extent.



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