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Guest Vietnam Tanker

First Thank You for your service, and welcome to, keep in there and keep the good attitude you display in your post, you should win your claim, but YOU have to work it as no one cares as much about your claim as you, I wish you luck and well being for the battle you are in with the Va. Keep the faith and hang in there, there is great help here as well as encouragement.

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Hello & welcome to Hadit,

I'm also a MST PTSD female vet. I guess most would classify me as a "peacetime" vet because I've never been deployed to a war zone.....but I did fight an enemy one-on-one and my enemy wore the same uniform I did; to me this was indeed combat.

Yes, Jim Strickland is a good person! I hope your claim goes well!!

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Welcome... To me and most others I believe, your service regardless of when or where it occurred is important. I served in Vietnam and wasn't in any more danger than when I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. That was my experience; those who had jungle duty had a very different experience. My PMOS was finance and accounting.

Glad you're with us.


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  • Founder

i hope you find this community comfortable enough to make a home here. we have a lot of homesteaders here :rolleyes: i see you have been registered here for awhile and glad you felt comfortable enough to post. finding an online community that you feel comfortable with can really help your agoraphobia it is much easier to get to the keyboard than the door :blink:





I am a peace-time vet!! Welcome to Hadit!! ~Wings

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