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Does Tdiu Run Out? Age 63/65? Help Please




I hope this is not to confusing ?? I'll try my best to explain.

After your awarded tdiu useing the extra schduler b ok.... at age?? how long does tdiu last? at age 63 or 65? when you reach that age does the VA take away the tdiu? and just keep your compensation going at the 100% or do they go back to your combined rating? I am being montier by the VA each year now for every year I been on tdiu...the letter they send you once a year to see if your working or been in jail that sorta thing.

I was 50% then was raised to 60% then to 90% over a period of a few years finaly was awarded tdiu.

my letter says ''We granted entilement to the 100%rate with PT effective bla bla bla... wonderful wonderful wonderful, wife can go to school and have champva insurance , I been getting tdiu ever sense I was age 52 thank the good lord, and some very good vetrans friends. was a long fight with the VA BUT I NEVER GAVE UP.

the award letter says ''Reason for change granted Disability and an increased based on indivdual unemployability.

I'm not sure what I'm rated at? in my award letter it says it went from my old percent from 50% to 90% percent as of the present.

then the award letter goes on to say my combined rating is 60% because they don't use induividule ratings of each coditition to determine your combined rating... I am useing the schedular B of the 38 code of fed regualtions to apply for tdiu if your not 0ver 60%


so my question is

I was wondering how long does tdiu last?..I'm getting ready to turn 63 and I need to know what my compensation will be reduse to?... if it is redused?.... if its redused I can't make my house payments and may need to move? to make ends meet...we are doing fine at the moment but sinse I have not worked in over 15 years my SS won't be much if at any at all?

if I get to keep the tdiu or the 100%rating we will be fine.

does anyone know about this?

thank you in advance

I appreciate any help, wife and I are scared she is disable also but does not get SS.


Thank you all

Rocky top

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There is no age limit.

You mentioned that your VA income is the only income you are receiving.....are you getting social security? You can apply for that now that you no longer work...you don't have to wait until you are 63 or 65 or whatever the age for that normally is nowadays.

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I know that in the 80s when we were getting a employability assesment for social security the person I hired said that the last study he had done just won unemployability for a 76 year old military retired lady that applied for service connection . The VA tried to say no to the unemployability but the rating officer was shot out of the water .Said there was no age limit these days.

So I used him and the the third time the SS whent right thru. The cost then was $600. dollars.The best part was the hearing officer chewed the SS people ,and there lawyer out for delaying my SS disability for no reason. He told me then & there i was getting SSDI. (They didnt share the doctors statement.)THEY GOT CAUGHT.


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If you've been TDIU since you were 52, and unemployed due to your service disability, and you are going to be qualified to draw Social Security when you do reach Social Security retirement age, then you should have been drawing Social Security Disability since the age of 52 (actually before the age of 52, seeing as how you must have filed for TDIU PRIOR to age 52), when you found you could no longer work. Assuming that you will soon be 62, according to your post, then you have missed out on more than 10 years worth of SSDI!

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