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I Tried But I Couldn't Do It

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Like most of those here who have had to learn how to do things differently, I am no exception. I am not completely with the use of my legs and manage to get around my single wide mobile adequately enough and hobble around my yard with the aid of a canadian crutch, just so I don't fall flat on my face, which I have managed to do a time or two.

Anyway, the day was nice and I felt good, so I did a bit of work on my motorcycle and then decided to try and tackle starting my lawnmower, an hour or so later and several false starts and breaks to rest and catch my wind, I had to give up. Like me the lawnmower had been sitting around doing nothing for to long and could no longer stay running. Like my lungs, the carburator on the lawnmower needs a good overhaul, but unlike the carburator, my lungs need a whole lot more work and help getting them back, at least, in near good running condition.

When I said we must find a different way to do things, I forgot and tried of course, doing all this as if it were like always and now I am suffering for it. Not only do I find it hard sitting here typeing this, even the movement of my fingers hurt, dispite an added dose of pain meds, which I am aloud at times like this. I've gone an irritated every joint in my body, not to mention the connective tissue to my muscles, if not my muscles as well.

I bring this to all your attention so that as the good weather of spring and summer is upon us, don't find yourself overdoing it like I did, try to work up to more physical things you can do, take your time, rest more often then you think you should and keep yourself hydrated while you keep your Vitamin C and potassium levels up.

I even think my Cat Tom thinks I should take it easy for awhile, he's not pestering me to get up at 06:00 a.m. to fix his can food, settleing for his dry food in his self feeder until I get up later on.

I feel bad about not getting up to feed him when he meows for his morning meal, I miss how he insists on getting me up, it reasures me that all is right and I've made it through another night, not to mention that I know he has made it home after a night out catten around and picking fights with all the other tom cats in the neighborhood. LoL

So all, take it easy on yourselves unlike me and remember, even the slow tortus won in the end.

Rockhound Rider. :D

p.s. any sage home remedies for just the hands, I'd like for those not to hurt as much as the rest of me. LoL

Edited by Rockhound

Are you a paranoid schizophrenic

if the ones you think are out to

get you, really are?

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My paternal grandfather swore that wearing copper bands

(he made them himself) around his fingers, wrist, waist, knees

and ankles - was the only thing that enabled him to move

around at all.

Good luck buddy,


Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

the only suggestion I have for the hands is to keep a hammer by your bed when you wake up slam your big toe alternate feet daily I promise you the pain in your hands will be the last thing you will be thinking about

100% SC P&T PTSD 100% CAD 10% Hypertension and A&A = SMC L, SSD
a disabled American veteran certified lol
"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Gabapentin really helps that sort of pain

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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I take gabapentin, can't say it helps all that much, but my RLS problem at bed time seems much better. If I could hold the hammer without it causing my to hurt more as I grip it, I might be tempted to try hitting alternate big toes to take my mind off my hands. LoL

At least the next few days will keep me indoors due to thunder showers, so I will have some time to give my body time to recouperate before the weather allows me to go outside again to try and do a little more work on my motorcycle and hopefully time to clean my lawnmowers carburator so I can cut down the weed crop in my yard before the weeds dry out and become a fire hazzared. LoL

Rockhound Rider :D

Are you a paranoid schizophrenic

if the ones you think are out to

get you, really are?

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