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Bad C&p

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I had my C&P JAnuary 13th. The guy ripped me. I asked if he wanted any documentation and he said it was all in the file. He stated my PTSD was Service Connected due to combat. He went on to state that I had all the symptoms, isolation, depression, flashbacks, mood swings etc...then went on to say it had no impact on my SOc & Occup. The guy was a robot. The V.A. Therapist stated that this particular examiner is known for his hosing vets. Not sure if she was just telling me that. What I really flipped out about was that he put down based on the SIMS it indicated I had a cut off score that suggests malignering. The CAPS showed I do have PTSD. The V.A. Therapist scheduled me for the MMPI mid-May. I have been seeing a Psych and Therapist (V.A. contract for over a year, now I am seeing actual V.A. Psych and Therapists). I am on several meds. My claim is still in the Developmental stage. Can anyone second guess my outcome ? A 0 rating which I will have to start the battle with ? I am so thankful for the help and meds I am getting, I think I have already paid for it though and a rating is what you need to get it.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Show your C&P to your regular therapist. Maybe he/she can write notes to rebutt the BS the C&P doctor wrote. Getting independent medical opinion is the best way to rebutt a C&P. You must show by weight of evidence that your condition is truly worse than what the A-&^^% doctor has stated. Getting a decent rating is not usually a quick and easy thing. It takes time and appeals and work to build a case for yourself. I was once hosed by a VA C&P exam. The doctor said because I had a degree in psychology he suspected fraud. These things happen. It can be overcome.

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I think they are helping me. My psych stated I show classic symptoms and is diligently working with me on my meds. He seems like he actually gives a hoot . My therapist seems very sympathetic and each meeting with her results in her typing volumes of information. I think she types every word of our conversations and is very kind and understanding. She is the one who has set me up with the MMPI. I know this stuff takes time, but like everything in life, with a lot of effort and belief, the truth usually wins out at the end of the day. Trust me, what I am writing here only comes once in a while, mostly I'm negative and pissed off. Must be the oxycodone I'm taking for my leg kicking in....:wacko: Thanks for the uplifting reply.

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What I really flipped out about was that he put down based on the SIMS it indicated I had a cut off score that suggests malignering.

If you don't receive the rating you think you deserve, I highly recommend hiring an attorney experienced with VA comp & pen claims. Then have the attorney hire a forensic psychologist as a consultant. Have the psychologist read the report and ask for copies of all the psychological testing, including the SIMS.

Some important facts:

  • The SIMS is a screening test. It should never be used by itself to say someone was malingering
  • Recent research with the SIMS indicates that the cut-off score in the manual is too low. See:
  • Study #1
  • Study #2

The above facts will be known to a good forensic psychologist. If your examiner said you malingered based on a SIMS score, he made at least one error (using a screening instrument to identify someone as malingering) and maybe two (if your SIMS score was above the cut-off in the manual but below the new cut-off scores suggested by recent research).

I wish you all the best,


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