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Just So Ya Know

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First it was a furlough scare, now all of a sudden $$$ is being shoved at the VAs nationwide. We were informed that starting May 2 there will be MANDATORY OT of at LEAST 20 hrs a month. They are even having the trainees who qualify do overtime. Nehmer back cases are "supposed" to be done by end of this month, meaning we get those raters & developers who were working those cases back to work all the other cases. And I was told they are supposed to rework the 'points system' we are on, but I'll believe it when I see it. The points system is a stupid way of measuring production and has put many people on a PIP (Performance Incentive Program), meaning my boss has to spoonfeed me cases so that I get a mix of issues and can meet their crazy high #. Many ppl have been, are or will be on a PIP soon, thanks to this point system, which of course does wonders for our productivity/morale. Not to mention that we can't spend time doing the crazy large issue cases cuz, well, we have points to make! I wish Congress would do away with it already. Anyway, just letting y'all know what's going on.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Glad to see the money for OT is now being funneled in.

My other half that works in the construction field and has been putting in

68 hour work weeks for over two months now, 4 hours of OT Mon thru Fri

and 8 hours of OT on Saturdays. Lots of extra cash but too many hours.

We don't complain as many have no work now.

So the mandatory OT of at least 20 hrs a month, will you be allowed to do it

like an hour a day OT or what ?

Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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Guest terrysturgis

Veldrina, on a post you elseware you said something like "everyone thinks New York is the worst". I believe that it's not just New York that is struggling with the back log but the entire country and the system.

Now having said that, my daughter has filed for TDIU in upstate NY sooo... being that it's a so called "slam dunk" , go ahead and push it thru as she has two IMO'S supporting her claim. I am authorizing extra points.

Seriously, Thanks for communicating what is going on. Terry

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You are a voice of hope - much needed today. From a selfish, perspective, I'm glad the money is flowing your way. As an employee, though, I really hope they don't burn you out. High production from an over-worked employee only produces more bad results (not that YOU produce bad results). IMHO: waiting for a good decision beats fighting a bad decision any day.

I also had the wonderful experience of living as a non-essential employee for the last several weeks, as well as watching the mailbox.

On the plus side, having dealt with reconsiderations, appeals, NODs, etc. has really helped me prepare to fight the IRS for a refund they are questioning. I have all my documents (ducks) in a row, so I'm prepared. Patience and preparedness will win this issue as well.

Either way, great to hear from you!

Limbo is status quo for the VARO.

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I would also like to think you for the wonderful input you providing us Veldrina. Its for wonderful people like your self that take time out from your busy and hectic schedule at work to let us know whats coming down the pipe line.

I work at a call center and we have unbelievable stats that we are supposed to conform to or we are out the door. So I know of some of these issues you are facing-can be be very stressful. Again- appreciate your assistance here and keep up the good work you are providing our VETS :rolleyes:

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