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Ascom Depot Korea Aerial Photo & Places Marked


The information below is furnished in relation to Agent Orange at ASCOM Depot. Storage and

presence of AO was/is at a place not currently recognized by the DoD as being admitted for presumptive

exposure. I had made an earlier commitment to furnish the aerial photo by June 18, 2011.

I had earlier posted the photo here and two other Korea AO related forums with a request for

information and waited 2 months.

All of the info is from me, no one had any info of signifigance. If you have any info to offer now or difference of opinion, contact me and I will consider. The photo is

copyrighted by me. You are hereby granted a license to use this material for research

and for applying for disability benefits. NO commercial use is permitted, without my express

written permission. If you can get the photo on a CD or floppy disk (?), you can take it to Office

Depot and have a 24"x24" black and white print made for less than $2.00

NEVER give up the fight for your benefits.

Link to aerial photo with annotations:



Areas 10 and 11 are where AO was spilled or seen, to that I can and have furnished a statement. Others

for whatever reason could provide no significant input.

This aerial photo was taken 2/7/1968.

For a current (2011) aerial view of the area remaining, designated Camp Market , left after the

Depot area and the rest of ASCOM City was returned to the Republic of Korea in 1973, go to

wikimapia.org and put in latitude 37.495518828 and longitude 126.715879448

I had a link made up but for some reason, people were winding up in West Virginia

Locations given refer to closest cross coordinates from edges of map, ie MM32 for marker 1,

Gate #3. Location refers to marker. (This is a copy of the info I sent to the VA, not all markers

are on this photo).

1 Gate #3, entrance to Hq&Hq Co, USA ASCOM Depot & MP Detachment (MM32)

2 Depot Headquarters 1968-1969, building #2156 (Y35)

3 Quality Assurance Directorate 1968 , building # 1604 (CC34)

4 Depot Security Office & Main Depot Entrance Gate vicinity, 1968 , immediately south and east of

Gate #1a (EE28)

5-5 Railroad tracks into Depot , immediately west of Gate #2 (LL30)

6 Moat which ran across southern edge and the eastern edge of ASCOM Depot proper.

For a photo of the wall abutting the moat see #51 below. The moat did not extend the full run of

the southern wall, only perhaps maybe half. I call this a moat, engineers referred to as a “brook”.

It ran generally NE from south of Sinchon across the southern eastern half of ASCOM Depot ,

up the eastern side and flowed out the northeastern corner of the depot (all outside the wall).

There were several large runoff culverts from the depot into this “brook”.

(ran under road at point LL26 traveling east to LL34 then NE to GG38 and then north to J43)

7 Location Asc16 & 17.jpg photo, both looking North from behind chapel #42 into Depot grounds,

can see the Depot Headquarters (building #2156) and partial vehicle park area for ready to issue vehicles where AO was “stored” temporarily on trucks, refrigerated unit on right in photo was in front of Hq &Hq Co mess hall (building # 1640). (GG35)

8 Location Asc13.jpg photo, looking north from gate separating HHC & Depot, you can see Depot

Headquarters (building #2156), the Quality Assurance Branch ( building #1604) is the second taller building on left, and the start of the vehicle issue park area where AO was sometimes present is on the right where the Area 40 sign was. (FF34)

9 Location Asc12.jpg photo, looking south from HHCo/depot gate to gate #3, first building on left on end nearest road was my sleeping quarters Oct 68-March 69. The second visible building on left was the unit supply room and my workplace for the same period. (GG34)

10-10 Vehicles for issue park area ran West-East, AO seen in rear of trucks here on several occasions

(DD35 to 38)

11 Search area at end & W of rr tracks, type of coins found here (Asc2.jpg), AO spill here on at least

two occasions. (NO35)

12-12 Area search for coins West-East, rear of depot. Searched all over but mostly 11 & 12.

(L-M-N to 31-35)

13 Main Supply Route #2 (Incheon-Seoul) (not on smaller photo, is on larger photo)

14 To Seoul (not on smaller photo, is on larger photo)

15 To Incheon (not on smaller photo, is on larger photo)

16 Gyeyang Mountain , elevation 1302 ft, (about 4.6 miles due North of marker #1)(not on smaller

or larger photo) (is on 1948 photo)

17 Train tracks to Bup-Yeong train station on way to Seoul (TT44)

18 Train tracks to Incheon (ZZ18)

19 Sincheon (WW16-19 & MM22-26)

20 Location Asc1.jpg photo (SS29)

21 Vicinity of GK house (TT30)

22 Vicinity of EBF house (YY29)

23 Location Asc3.jpg photo, Fuel depot*

24 First quarters EBF 3/68 to 10/68 building # 1673 (3rd quonset hut from gate)(II35)

25 Second quarters EBF 10/68 to 3/69 (opposite end from orderly room entrance) (nearest

building in photo Asc12.jpg on left) (HH34)

26 Location Asc6.jpg photo, southernmost MP barracks in Hq &Hq Co compound (building 1682)&

MP latrine, building #1683 (JJ36)

27 Orderly room Hq&Hq Co, USA ASCOM Depot, building # 1641 (HH34)

28 Supply room Hq&Hq Co, USA ASCOM Depot (second visible building in photo Asc12.jpg on left)

Building # 1643 (II34)

29 EM Club, building # 1678 (JJ34)

30 Now-Buwon Middle School (2011) (KK32)

31 Now-Buwon Girls Middle School (2011) (JJ31)

32-32 Now- Bup Yeong Park, area was previously ROK Army Camp (see # 35) (WW20-OO31)

33-33 Now-East of this South to North line is now all apartments and 2 schools (#30 & #31)

(MM30 to H38)

34-34 North of this West to East line is now all apartments to the road. North of that is a GM/Daewoo

Plant. (N to U &20-43)

35-35 ROK Army Camp 1968-69 was a ROK army camp starting in 1946, have photo showing

surrendered Japanese field artillery lined up near north edge) ( and see #32 now a park)

(WW20 to OO31)

36-36 Co B, USA ASCOM Depot barracks vicinity, 1968-1969 (GG22)

37-37 Co A, USA ASCOM Depot barracks vicinity, 1968-1969 (HH24)

38 Main Post Exchange 1968-1969. Photo Asc52.jpg taken 1957, main PX was in same

spot 1968-1969, building #1295 (F21)

39 177th Replacement Co (Enlisted) vicinity(800 beds), 1968. (U-BB-20-22)

40 NCO Club, building #1432 (MM20)

41 STRATCOM area (DD21)

42 Brick Chapel in Hq&Hq Co area was in 1948 photo and still standing in March 1969. Building

#1638 (see Asc17.jpg) (GG34)

43 Photo Asc51.jpg was taken from about this location in 1957 and shows the southern wall across

ASCOM Depot. (MM23)

44 Mess hall Hq & Hq Co, USA ASCOM Depot, building #1640 (HH35)

45 Gate #8 (NN21)

46 Dreamboat Club, see Asc10.jpg & Asc9.jpg photos, across road from gate #8 (NN21)


48 Main Theatre (GG20)

49 Quartermaster Laundry, building #1466 (KK16)

50 6th Medical Depot area (NN15-RR16)

51 121st Evac Hospital Motor Pool area (NN12)

52 Gate 1a, Main entrance to ASCOM Depot proper (EE28)

53 Location Asc11.jpg photo, taken from fence line aiming NE thru gate showing guard shack (GG34)

54 Depot maintenance section, Asc14.jpg photo, now included in Buwon Schools, see 30 &31 above

(LL&HH -31to33)

55 21st Finance Co, 20th Gen Support, building #1430 (LL20)

56 20th General Support barracks (CC24)

57 20th General Support mess hall (BB24)

58 Think was location of Hq Co, 335th Maintenance Bn in 1968-69, now (2011) GM/Daewoo Plant (F-36)

59 8th Army Stockade (on large map only, not on small map, or Emap)

60 Sewage Disposal Plant (KK41-42)

61 Helipad 121st Evac Hospital (HH17)

62 121st Evac Hospital area (HH-JJ-MM-16-17)

63 Back depot gate, gate #4 (J40)

64 PDO (O28)

65 Baseball field (JJ25)

66 Softball field (KK34)

67 Gate #7 (RR17)

68 Gate #23 (never opened in 12 months I was there) (GG38)

69 Gate #5*

70 Gate #7a (pedestrian labor gate) (RR17)

71 Water treatment Plant (MM11)

72 Gate #1 (LL26)

73 Gate #1a (EE28)

74 Gate #9*

75 Gate #10 (Q12)

76 Gate #11 (U12)

77 Gate #12 (U12)

78 Gate #13 (TT15)

79 Gate #2 (MM31)

80 Gate #6*

81 POL Dump (OO17)

Cut and pasted most of this from an email sent about a week ago to those who

had contacted me. Hope everything works out or not will edit and try again. Just don't

want to type the whole thing over.

If anyone needs copies of photos referred to, contact me.

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What is your claim status ? I was also stationed at ASCOM 67-69 and at Co. B.

Thanks for the great explicit picture of ASCOM, areal looks different especially without the Silver Dollar or Dream Boat in the pictures.

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