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Does Anyone Benefit From Ebenefit?

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Does eBenefit work? Does it provide its users with useful information?

Just wondering...


I want to thank TBird, carlie, pete992, Pete53, and Berta for all the help and advice they've given me over the years. And also to the Elders, Moderators, and Admins for the work they do. I want you to know that you are truly appreciated!

-- Ben

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Only real use I've gotten out of it is printing disability rating letter and reviewing evidence received list (which is very abbreviated).

It's worth some effort to get on eBenefits but don't take the info as gospel because it's manually entered (or not entered) and not tied directly into the VA database.

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Documents submitted to the VARO appear on Ebenefits 10-14 days later. (2 times in a row)

Recent changes to the site track more progress stages.

Improvements, of course, did not speed decision time.

As a draftee, it is difficult to comprehend that the I was trained and sent to Vietnam in 5 months less 2 days and presumptive claims took 9 months to finalize.

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The payment history and the letter generator are helpful features.

War is a country of will. There is no room for sympathy. If you're not willing to give up everything, you've already lost.”

- Act of Valor -

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I find the benefits letters to be helpful. I use it to get my National Parks passport free and also three state parks admission free.

It also helped when I got my Disabled License tags and my free drivers license. The letter actually showed up with the new rating a few days

before I got my packet.


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I find eBenefits helpful in the following areas:

1. The VA letter feature

2. Direct Deposit feature

3. Payment history

4. and...the claim status feature for speculation purposes (i.e. guessing how accurate the information might be)


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