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Iu Termination Letter

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I was approved for individual unemployability in December and just recieved this letter today. I'm completely freaking out and cant talk to anyone until monday. The letter says my benefit payment will remain unchanged but it says my individual unemployability is terminated so which one is it?? are my payments going to be reduced? has anyone gotten a similar letter?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Did you recently see your VA PCP? about your disability's or any new conditions? (even a 3month /6 month check-up update for meds)

Was you admitted to your VAMC recently for anything?

Was you or currently schedule for a C&P? & no show?

What was your IU based on? did they use the extra scheduler to rate you IU?.

Are you considered to have an overhaul combined rating of 90%or less but being paid at the 100% rate?

if not?... sounds like they may have got your records confused/mixed in with another veteran.

Have you received a letter from VA on a proposal to reduce?

Do you have a rating of 60% /but they rated you IU because you could not work?


need more information how they rated you the IU? & try not to worry!

I'm sure the elder members with more expertise with these type of VA Related problems will chime in here.... hang in there!



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  • HadIt.com Elder

They are saying your IU was an error or a CUE when they awarded it. You have a fight on your hands. Appeal that letter asap and seek an attorneys assistance.


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Was there any more to that letter such as Reasons and Bases and the Evidence list?

If we ask them to CUE themselves, we have to state their legal errors. They should have done that in this letter as well.

Prior to your receipt of this did you get anything from them stating they were proposing to reduce your SC benefits?

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