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DirtyD    0

Hello to All,

I was recently informed about this great website and I have to say you guys do great work assisting us Veterans. I have some questions and I hope you guys can give me some recommendations. So I am 100% Scheduler with the following service connections.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 60% Since 2013

PTSD 50% Since 2009

Chronic Headaches 50% Since 2013

Sleep Apnea 50% Since 2009

Lumbar Strain 40% Since 2013

Ulnar Neuropathy Right Elbow 10% Since 2009

Ulnar Neuropathy Left Elbow 10% Since 2009

Bilateral Tinnitus 10% Since 2009

Should I be receiving SMC? And which one? Should I file or should I not even rock the boat? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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jbasser    0

SMC S or Statutory housebound requirements one condition ratable as 100 percent or total as in IU. Then another single or combination of disabilities that add up to 60 percent. Or be actually physically housebound.

The math on your issues add up ti almost 98 percent rounded up to your 100 percent.


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Navy04    677

Welcome aboard bud, and I agree with above statement. I have more conditions with higher %s and I don't qualify for another SMCs, other then the K I currently get. Good luck and God Bless

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Chuck75    499

There is an argument that might or might not apply in this case.

Lets say that a combination of conditions adds up (VA Math) to TDIU levels.

Then, there are further conditions that equal 60% or more, when added, again using VA Math.

Were this to occur, it's feasible that SMC might be added. Seems that there were some court rulings

concerning TDIU and SMC that may apply.

The gray area has to do with the fact that it's possible to round up to 100% with multiple conditions, but

it's impossible to actually reach 100%. So, what happens when a part of the conditions reach TDIU levels,

although not more or less 100% ? Do you start over with the remaining ones? and what happens when they

VA math add up to 60% or more? Lets say that one of the conditions is (the largest) 60%, but it's not needed to get to the original

TDIU level. Using the standard method, the 60% would be used up in the first TDIU calculation. But, if it were not, then it's possible that it

could be used to reach SMC S. The VA supposedly should do this in the way most favorable to the veteran. I've yet to be convinced that

they can be depended upon to actually do such a thing.

(I hate gray areas!)

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Pete53    0

The VA should be helping Service Connected Veterans and not playing Gotcha

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asknod    1,439

Here's the gottcha. You need one rating at TDIU or 100% scheduler. The definition of 100% is... yep, a true 100% rating. From your list, the highest you listed is 60%. If that is the stand in for your TDIU, then yes, you have enough additional ratings to qualify for the SMC S. That will not affect the SMC K. If you are filthy rich and don't need an additional $346.84 each month, then don't bother, but an extra $4 K a year comes in handy for most. If VA indeed owes you this, they will have to pay it from the date you qualified, not the date you applied. It appears you qualified in 2009 from what you posted.

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