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PTSD C&P what is it like?

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What is a C&P  Exam of PTSD like?  I mean what type of questions does the Doc ask?...Do they pay attention has how your dressed &  your body language ect,,ect,,

or do you just set there and answer the questions?  what happens if you get pissed during the exam?

My patients are very then these days.


Any opinion and suggestions welcome

Thank you in Advance




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I had to sign 2 pieces of legal paperwork that I could not read or understand.....but, I signed just to get it over with.

If I had to do it again I would have requested copies to take to a lawyer before submitting to the C&P exam.

My examiner was very me uncomfortable at the start.  Once you are out of your element they can make you say a lot of things you will regret.  Then, they will use anything you say against you.

Do some deep thinking .... make notes ... try to record the session ... reference your notes when the questions seem unfair or just plain "not right".

You get points for showing up filthy and stinky, homeless, suicidal, long arrest record, drug use, violent and paranoid.

When it's over do not be surprised if you get lowballed.



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You get points for showing up filthy and stinky, homeless, suicidal, long arrest record, drug use, violent and paranoid.

I dont agree with that, if the insinuation is to go and dig up some old clothes and dirty them up for show.

A major problem that is developing is that people think that a lot of Vets "Fake" PTSD and other mental illness to ride the VA train.  this only confirms these thigns to certain people.

Dont dress down or dress up.  dress comfortably.  jeans and t shirt.  if you normally wear nasty old clothes then do that but dont dress down on purpose, on the flip side this is not a job interview so dont get dressed to the 9's either.

I do agree though, take evidence with you, look over the PTSD DBQ so you are familiar with the questions and write down things you dont want to forget to tell them.

write about your worst day, how you feel, how it affect you, job, spouse, etc. 

I dont know what state you live in but you are more than free to record on  avoice recorder.  make sure that you make htem aware that you are recording and if possible on tape have them state their name, title and that they consent to be recorded.

I never got any small print to sign before hand so i cant speak on that.

Bring the evidence you submitted with your claim with you (copies) and give that to them.

Dont get flustered if they are jerks, or not really interested in what you have to say.  all you can do is answer their questions, the time for saying "this is BS" is after the exam to request a new one or wait for the decision and see how it goes.

Be honest, dont exaggerate, but as i mentioned before tell them how your worst day is.

If you get pissed, let them know, say you need to go to the bathroom and cool down, etc.


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Thanks Guys, I understand.



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