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So I'm a little concerned now the VA has reckonized the doctor and now he seperated the diagnosises want to send me to a forth TBI review in the last 6 years it's gone unchanged even after they lumped in PTSD with it. QTC is scheduling this one all I know is I will bring my DBQ from this three week old exam that seperated my issues, my TBI and PTSD were never even together from 2010 up until August 2016 even look at my P and T notification. Apparently even though I wasn't diagnosed with PTSD in my last one in December it was still listed as a symptom. I'm waiting to get xxxxxx... should I just not go they will lump them all together he said Chronic AD TBI and PTSD he said I don't know how because they were all differentiated by this recent doctor. My guess is they will try to lower my TBI/PTSD  even after it's been made P and T  even with wrong cited exams as they said my last exam was for PTSD and couldn't  be seperated and it was not that exam it was exam other then ptsd and he seperated by symptoms. I really want to go to this exam and I will bring my DBQ for my TBI review from June and Dec of last year am this new mental exam. I know with all the knowledge of have of what information they need and what not to hide.  Do I go and get this all straighten out I thought I did that at the last mental exam? I already have gotten my new military IDs and losing my PT rating will literally put me out with my family? Just when I thought I was done I hate admitting defeat. They are scheduling it by the end of the week? 


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Ok, so are you saying you have a scheduled C and P exam, just a few weeks after your getting P and T?  Go to the exam.  Dont even think about missing a C and P exam.  

Reserve ONE hour, every week, for nothing but worrying.  During that hour, worry about your reductions, your finances, your health, your kids..heck even worry about getting hit by an asteroid, or getting struck with the Bird flu.  

However, for the "other" 167 hours in each week, dont worry about any of that stuff.  Instead of worrying, occupy your mind with something productive, like one or more of these, or think up your own:

1.  Call a friend you have not called for a long time. 

2.  Reconnect with your spouse.  

3.  Visit your grandchildren.

4.  Go to the zoo.

5.  Go fishing.  

6.  Read a great book.

7.  Make something with your hands, like  turn a pen on a lathe, or what ever you like to build.

8.  Go talk to a manager of a resteraunt and tell the manager about a waiter or waitress that gave you excellent service.  

9.  Go to church.

10.  Do something nice for someone else, for no good reason.  

11.  Help someone else.  Spend some time figuring out how to do just that.  Give them a kind word, if nothing else.  When you help someone else up the hill, you get closer to the top yourself.  

12.  Quit a bad habit.  

13.  Start some new good habits.  

14.  Learn to play chess, or, if you already know, then get a book and study to improve your skills. 

15.  Help another Veteran with his claims.  

16.  Find someone who is worse off than your self and help them.  You may have to look in a nursing home.  You will find people worse off than you, and many will be glad to see you, especially if you are nice to them and spend time with them.  

     Any one of these 16 things will be better than worrying and accomplish more.  Save your worrying for that ONE hour, per week.  

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The C&P is actually for the new claim I filed that's is for the Chronic Adjustment Disorder the Va guy said since the doctor seperated the issues and a new TBI review is needed even though I had one the last June 23 where my PTSD wasn't included in that 70% rating he said it's to old.Should I still go it has to do with another claim. They used the C&P when they rated my PT from this pending claim but said they couldn't differentiate the symptoms even though he did in that exam and said it was for PTSD and it was just another mental exam other then PTSD the DBQ says. I will go and take your advice my marriage is very shaken with anxiety because of the claim and my OCD takes over whatever the hell it is i love the advice bronco thanks for the wisdom.

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Usually you can only have one rating for MH, and they take whatever the highest is. 

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(I AM NOT A RATER- I work the claims BEFORE they are rated, annotating medical evidence in your records, VA and Legal documents,  and DA/DD forms- basically a paralegal/vso/etc except that I also evaluate your records based on Caluza and try to justify and schedule the exams that you go to based on whether or not your records have enough in them to warrant those)

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Which is why the doctor seperated them from my TBI I don't care if they lump the AD and PTSD he said one exacerbates the other. But in the PT letter it said since the PTSD was at 70 and since they already rated my sTBI as 70 it made no change and remained the same. 

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13 hours ago, broncovet said:

Go to the exam.  Dont even think about missing a C and P exam.  


§ 3.326 Examinations.

For purposes of this section, the term examination includes periods of hospital observation when required by VA.

(a) Where there is a claim for disability compensation or pension but medical evidence accompanying the claim is not adequate for rating purposes, a Department of Veterans Affairs examination will be authorized. This paragraph applies to original and reopened claims as well as claims for increase submitted by a veteran, surviving spouse, parent, or child. Individuals for whom an examination has been scheduled are required to report for the examination.

(b) Provided that it is otherwise adequate for rating purposes, any hospital report, or any examination report, from any government or private institution may be accepted for rating a claim without further examination. However, monetary benefits to a former prisoner of war will not be denied unless the claimant has been offered a complete physical examination conducted at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital or outpatient clinic.

(c) Provided that it is otherwise adequate for rating purposes, a statement from a private physician may be accepted for rating a claim without further examination.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 5107(a))
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