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Will VA look at old disabilities if you submit for a new one?

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I'm currently rated at 80% and thinking of filing for a claim for Sleep apnea.  I'm currently getting 10% for tinnitus, 50% for PTSD and 60% for Coronary Heart Disease (Agent Orange presumptive).  Will the VA take another look at my previous disabilities if I submit a new claim.  I'm 68 if that matters.  Thanks in advance!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yeah they probably will, but don't let that stop you from filing another claim/claims

usually it's a good thing if they look at your other disability's  because it could effect your monthly compensation.

   If your new claim is rated a higher rating ?

if your at 80% with combined ratings and you file  a claim for other S.C. Disability's and they rate it at  a high rating  this could boost you up to the SMC Status. or possibly a 100% rating

 but you should not worry about rather or not  they look at your  Present S.C. Disability's   they will be rating your new claim  and to reduce your old S.C. Ratings  they will need to prove  those disability's have  actually improved


I tell veterans all the time if they have a S.C Disability that they can get S.C. AND A RATING  PLEASE BY ALL MEANS FILE THAT CLAIM.

Edited by Buck52

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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As Buck stated, the VA can always review a condition or attempt to reduce it. The longer the Disability rating is kept, does usually minimize the chance.  I do not trust the Govt, and we should always be ready for the defense. As stated you should always submit a claim for a new condition or for an increase if you think you should. Good luck and keep us posted. God Bless

100% PTSD

100% Back

60% Bladder Issues

50% Migraines 
30% Crohn's Disease

30% R Shoulder

20% Radiculopathy, Left lower    10% Radiculopathy, Right lower 
10% L Knee  10% R Knee Surgery 2005&2007
10% Asthma
10% Tinnitus
10% Damage of Cranial Nerve II

10% Scars



OEF/OIF VET     100% VA P&T, Post 911 Caregiver, SSDI



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No. Future exam date is set in a program (a 'diary'). Ask for the 'Codesheet' from your RO. They instructed us NOT to give the codesheet to the Veteran, because it contains the rater's name, so expect resistance.

They do have to give it to you.

The codesheet will reflect when a future exam (RFE) is due, or whether it's a 'Static disability.'

Obviously, the VA can, and does do whatever it wants. If you have a codesheet that says there's a RFE in five years, and suddenly you get called for exam for an old disability, unrelated to the new claim, you can raise heck.

The second example is extremely old, it looks like the first one is corrupted.

20170606 Decision Codesheet redact.pdf


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You file a New Secondary SA Claim, the only thing the Rater won't look at is your Tinnitus SC.

How about some more info, if you please? Do you have a VA or Private Sleep Specialist?

My 2010 SA DX was SC'd secondary to my  2006 CAD w/Bi-Pass based on my Private Board Certified Neurologist Sleep Specialist's Treatment Notes after (1) appointment.  Just recently the 50% SA got bumped to 100% based on an 11/2015 RO  Quality Review of an Increase Denial from 07/15.

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