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Cant Stop Thinking About My Claim

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  I am posting this, because I am looking for support.


I am a vet (TBI & PTSD).  I have been waiting over five years for my claim to be resolved.  

I think about it constantly.  I call my VSO and/or the 800 number at least once a day.


Has anyone else had trouble with nearly constant rumination on their claim to where it interferes with other aspects of their life?

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Yes, many of us have.  I have spent "way too much time" on my claim, altho not all of it was productive.  

I recommend:

1.  Dont check ebenefits more than about 4 times per week (not per day).  

2.  Dont call your VSO more than about once a month.  They quickly get into "dont return xxx's calls mode".  

My VSO got into the "dont return my calls mode" 3 seconds after I signed a POA.  

3.  Get a hobby or work your old hobby. Answer other Vets questions on hadit (you will learn a lot).   Go fishing, play with grandkids, start going to church, play chess, do woodworking, or improve your relationship with your wife.  Focus on improving things with friends.  Go to McDonalds at 8:30 in the morning and sit with the old guys and ask them to share their stories.  Then share yours.  At my McDonalds senior coffee is 59 cents, and I can get unlimited free refills on that day.  When you are, what my church says, "building relationships that make a difference", the time goes by quickly and I feel like I am serving God.  

4.  When you focus on helping other's problems, yours will be helped too.  

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What does your VA Psychiatrist have to say?

We need more info, are you currently SC for PTSD or any other SC's? The referenced "waiting over 5 years for my Claim to be resolved," are you on Appeal? NOD Filing Date was (??/??/????)? Did your NOD specify an RO Review, DRO Review, DRO Hearing or standard BVA Review/Hearing?

Calling a VSO or the 800# is generally considered a waste of time. Have you discussed your Claim Status with a local VA Lawyer, if not, it probably would serve you well to get a free consultation?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Do you use e benefit's? 

As Gastone mention we need more information about your claim.

Do you get a service connection rating on a current condition?

Are you rated for any condition?

can you still work?

are you homeless?  ect,,,ect,,,,

If this is your first time claim and you was denied and Appeal in a timely manner..is your claim at the BVA?

IF You if not heard anything on your appeal in 5 years  maybe its time to email your congressman  or even the VA Secretary..at least his office about this 5 year waiting.

It is very hard worring about our claim status most of us have been there  but  the NEW VA is suppose to be getting better and the  claims are supposed to be moving faster and the status of claims.

give us some more information and we can help you better.

Also broncovet suggest some good advise.

Just hang in there  this VA claims process will drive anyone batty.

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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Thank you to all who responded to my post.  I especially appreciate the advice not to check Ebenefits more than four times a week.  That gives me a specific goal that I can use.  

  I will try to share my story for those who are interested.

  I filed a claim in November of 2012 for a 3-Point Landing (feet, butt, head) at Airborne School.  I was a MS-3 Cadet, and I had just finished Advanced Camp (Graduated with a 4).  

  When I was hurt I was diagnosed as having a concussion and needing to be observed for four years before I could become commissioned.

  I didn't realize my brain injury was more severe until I was diagnosed by a private doctor in 2006.  I struggled to work from 2006-2012, when I filed my VA Claim.  I was under the impression that when I was injured I was not eligible for VA compensation because my status was "Reserve on Active Duty for Training".  I think the law changed later.

  I originally received a 40% rating in June of 2014.  I immediately filed a NOD and appealed the decision.  

  In was not working at that time, so I was more interested in getting my TDIU than getting any additional money in backpay.  So in March of 2016 I filed a new claim, and let my appeal expire after receiving a Statement of Case in July 2016.  

   The VA awarded me SMC-K, and Tinnutus (sp) in January of 2017, and deferred the TDIU and increase in TBI.  
  I contacted my Rep in April of 2017, and the response to him was "there is no specific time the claim will be decided."

  In September of 2017 I took additional C&P exams.  I took a PTSD C&P for the second time.

  I contacted Veterans Whitehouse Hotline in November, and someone there was assigned to review my case.  Their review said that the DRO did not address all of the contentions on my appeal.  So the DRO moved all of the issues that I was filing a claim for back to the appeal, and reopened the appeal in December of 2017.

  It sounds good that I will have the backpay, but I would rather have it completed more than anything else.  I think about it constantly.  In fact I am trying to get into my VA to maybe get some help for these obsessive thoughts.  

  Sometimes I feel like the only way to get over this is to either die or have the claim settled.  With the help of the Veteran's Crisis Line I have  chosen "Plan B".  Sometimes I don't know how much more of this I can handle.

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Five years is a long time to wait for a claim.  It saps your psych and can become an obsession.  If you are feeling too much like you want to die a short time at the VA mental health facility might be a good option if it is possible.  Otherwise get a good counselor, it is not worth dying over.  I have been where you are at after a ten year wait.  Broncovet gave you some really good advice.  Don't be like me and after your case is decided feel a let down because you have been too involved for ten years.

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