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? about TDIU

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if SSDI allow you to make 12 grand a year and also the new law in one

state makes anyone getting SSI  get a job in order the get their checks 700. per month

I f I do all my work around my house in  like painting, cutting grass . Than I am 

a no go vet is that correct. I could care less what VA do film me. Their is somethings that

members should be allowed to talk about, maybe adding more forums. If I paint my son house 

for cash money $1000.00 inside work will I tell my Doctors or VA about this.?????? No none of their business

if they don't ask don't tell. Its not about giving bad advice it about true facts its life it happens everyday 

Than I am a dishonest vet. I cook in my yard every weekend and people come by and ask to buy some of my 

food is this dishonest??? . Don't get mad now just asking a ?

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@porgee you can do what you want and I am not judging you. You are welcome to post that advice on your Facebook, but not here.You have to report income to the IRS for tax purposes, even if it's cash. SSA will check your tax records and flag you for a review if they see income. If you are IU Veterans Affairs will cross check those records.

The law does not state don't ask, don't tell and it doesn't state everyone is doing it so your fine. We don't support discussions that can be construed as advice that would be against the law and I stand by that.


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I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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I agree with Tbird.  You do what you want, Porgee.   Just because you "may" be able to escape prosecution by dealing with cash only, does not mean its a good idea to advise others to try the same.  

Incredibly, because of Earned income Credit, its possible you can actually "make" money by reporting this cash as income, and get credit for it from social security work credits.  

Many people fail to report earned income to the IRS, and "cut their own throats".  Its because of EIC (Earned income credit).  Let me give an example:

Lets say you have one child and you are eligible for EIC.  Most people are that have a child in the home and dont earn much money are eligible for EIC, check with your tax person to see if that applies to you.   

So, lets say you earned 6000 in a year, cutting grass, painting your neighbors garage, and helping your neighbor fix his car.  

If you file taxes, you could get EIC refund of over 2000 dollars!!!  So you are much better off to report this 

income and get your 2000 EIC.  You should not mess up your VA, either, just tell them about the 6000 you made cutting grass and painting garages.  6000 per year is not considered "substantial gainful employment", and its okay for you to earn this and still get tdiu.  

Source:  Earned Income credit tables:


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I not trying to tell anyone nothing I ask a question that's all. one more ? on this

Is disability income tax free income or not??. I never knew I had to file disability

income because you are not paying any taxes right?. I have not file taxes in 15 years

H&R BLOCK told me I didn't have to file taxes 15 years ago because I pay no taxes my income 

is disability. Is this correct or not anybody. I have no eic or dependents. Property tax free

tags free, what can I file?. I mean no harm

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VA compensation is all tax free.  My accountant told me not to put it on my tax return(s).  I have taken his advice.  The taxes on social security is more complicated, it depends on how much you earn if its taxable or not.  Ask your tax man if yours would be.  

You dont HAVE to file taxes, but you CAN file taxes, especially if it means you get money back from Earned Income Credit.  

The IRS is happy if you DONT claim The EIC (Earned Income Credit), but if you do file and claim it, you can get a refund even if you did not pay any taxes, IF you qualify for EIC.  Ask your tax man if you report the x dollars in cash you earned if you can get an EIC refund.  Many people do.  

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Porg, about 5 or 6 yrs ago there was an IU Vet posting, I believe here on Hadit, regarding his Self-Employment Income problems that had arisen after recently filing for Divorce. You know what they say about the Wrath of an X, right.

Turns out his couple year IU Award was based on his reported Marginal Income of about $60K +/-, substantially reduced due to his SC's from his historical $150K++. His X described in the Divorce Papers how he was fudging the Income Numbers both to the IRS and the VA, in an attempt to support her Alimony and Child Support Demands. The Family Court Judge believed her evidence, Awarding her everything she had asked for.

Her efforts worked so well, somehow the Income Evidence was made available to the VA and the IRS. At some point after the Vet Appealed to the BVA regarding his IU Reduction, the X recanted her Testimony after realizing her loss of the Chapter 35 Benefits as well as the Kids CHAMPVA Medical and college benefits.  The BVA wasn't buying it. Too Little, Too Late, the Vet, the X and the kids all lost the IU Bennies. He never mentioned how bad the IRS spanked him.

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Good advice from Gastone.  This is still another good reason "why" you dont want to fudge numbers to the IRS or VA.  

The amazing part about this is, with what VA calls "marginal" income, that you can tell VA about it, and even file taxes and get an EIC refund.  In other words, there is actually an incentive built in for you to tell the truth about your small amount of income.  

I have gotten EIC refunds in the past, but not real recently.  It makes no sense to lie to IRS and VA about a few thousand dollars of cash income, especially if you report it and get a EIC refund.  

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