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ending your enlistment due to assault.

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I Will survive


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  • HadIt.com Elder

If your asking about filing a claim   use the 526ez...

If your claiming MST While in the military  then get all your records and records of when the event happen  and add that to your evidence, you need a VA MST PTSD Diagnoses so check with your VAMC MH Clinic coordinator about filing the MST PTSD Claim.  and request to get into treatment 

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On 7/29/2019 at 12:19 AM, I Will survive said:

I was a victim of an assault x2. 


I'm not being snide or anything - I'm just pointing out.  "Exposure" isn't a valid claim.  Anyone making a claim to the VA needs to understand that they are making a claim for a disability.  No disability; no claim.  I have actually seen claims where the Veteran says he/she was exposed to "burn pits" or asbestos or Agent Orange, but they aren't claiming a disability.  It seems obvious to people who've had a bunch of experience with VA claims, but newbies need to know (if they don't already) that your VA disability compensation claim has to be a claim for a disability.

I left out the pertinent part:  if your experience/exposure has resulted in you suffering symptoms, that is what you claim to the VA.  If you suffer a mental health condition/symptoms as a result of either assault, you make the claim as described by @Buck52.

I'm sorry for your experience and good luck to you.


Edited by Phury & Rhage
left out some important stuff...
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  • HadIt.com Elder

Good advise from Buck and Phury. Not knowing if you might also have other physical issues as well, it also would be a good idea to send off a request to obtain all of your military medical records (str's) as well. It can take months to get ,and there should be evidence in there to help you ,so do that in parallel with the other advise. If you didn't have an Honorable, there should be a note on your dd214 which might be of help as well. I too am sorry for what has happened. Be strong; there is a lot of support here on Hadit. Stay with us. Good luck.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


After a PTSD/Unspecific MDD Diagnose From the VA Dr's

The gold standard for diagnosing PTSD is a structured clinical interview such as the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS-5). When necessary, the PCL-5 can be scored to provide a provisional PTSD DSM 5 diagnosis.

Any clinical clinician such as MD ,Psychiatrist even a L.C.S.W. (Certified)can perform the Diagnostics Evaluation Employed by the the VA

...They just need to figure out your symptoms and put together a list of your symptom's that you possess or show from the evaluation...I am not 100% Sure just how they do this ?

being I am not a Dr or clinical clinician 

Once a Diagnoses of PTSD is given they try to set you up with a Therapist to help with your New dx And how to adjust or cope with the Anxiety and Depression the PTSD can cause.

  you learn the tools to cope with and depending how severe your symptoms are ? 

 They test /screen you with phychoeducational type therapy treatment usually at first.

 Warning  some of this therapy can be very rough on a Veteran  from holding on to guilt  from the trauma its self or you maybe in a  ''stuck point''from memories and guilt or from the stressor's or anything that reminds you of the trauma you endured.

The therapy works  even if we think it don't,  I recommend Therapy for all PTSD Veterans  it could very well save your life once the correct therapy is in place and the Veteran makes all his Clinical Appointments.

I still have Combat PTSD it probably will never be cured completely but we can learn the tools it takes to cope with this horrible diseases 

even learning breathing techniques  Helps tremendously during a panic attact.

I have guilt from the war in Vietnam  ( I ask my self what could I have done to make a better outcome/difference?..and also I am in what the therapist calls stuck points. working on that at present once a week for 90 minutes.  I am very fortunate to have the help the VA gives me and I am lucky I have not turned to alcohol or drugs to mask my problem.

But I have put my family through a living hell with my angers of burst.and they all stood by me the whole time years and years of my family life was disrupted because of me and my children &spouse  never deserved it one bit.

That's all I want to say about that.

At least I am still around. and plan to be tell my old age dying day.

Edited by Buck52
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