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Exam cancelled without notice

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First thing is take a deep breath. The chances that you will see anyone that really cares is very remote. If it is for a regularly scheduled exam, you need to find out why. I have to drive an hour and a half to mine, and I know that isn't anything for some veterans. I alway check on ebenies to make sure the day of my scheduled appointments. You can also sign up for automatic reminders, text, email and snail mail. Communication with veterans is not  a strong point with the VA. It could have been rescheduled, not cancelled so you have to get some answers. Now, if it was for a C&P, then you really have to find out why. If you were rescheduled, it would be difficult to make an appointment you don't know about.You can start by calling the dept. you have the appointment with, but if not known, or you could call Peggy, because whoever you try to get an answer from first is going to hand you off to someone else. And, if you are service connected for 30% or more, I would put in for the mileage; don't know if they would sign off on it, but just to make your point. But don't get too cranked up; it just is going to make it worse for yourself. You can express your dissatisfaction without losing it for something like this.

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GBArmy is correct.  When dealing with the VA do not get upset.  It is like being married, rule number 1 is the wife is always right, rule number 2 is if the wife is wrong refer to rule number 1. :rolleyes:

Getting mad only makes the doctors shine you on and will really be bad at a C&P.  I learned this from experience.  For a year I was not allowed to see a doctor without a psychiatrist present. 

I drive three hours for some C&P's and I once had them cancel one on me.  I collected my travel pay and my wife drove me home.

Do what GBArmy suggests about a normal appointment or if it was a C&P call the C&P office at the regional VA, they are the ones with the answers.

Hang in there and do not do what I did. 

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