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VA Friendly Podiatrist

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Cynthia Coleman


I live in the Hampton Roads section of Virginia. Does anyone know of a Podiatrist that is familiar with the Va claims procedures? In particular, writing a nexus letter and completing a DBQ. My doctor has diagnosed me, but has no idea of what a nexus letter is. I don't want to push her or ask het again. I really need some suggestions. 

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This is a problem that comes up again and again and again.  The VA has a "network of doctors" (both VA and companies that contract with VA) to give evidence to deny.  Unfortunately, Veterans dont have a network of doctors to give evidence to award benefits.  

Alex pointed out he used "Mednick" Associates with success. 


Unfortunately, Mednick has limited their clientele, according to a recent email from their office, to attorney or non attorney practioner represented  Veterans.  Grrrrr...

For that reason alone, I can not recommend them, but, suggest if you DO get them to take your case, you can probably get a good result.  

For me, I got a referral from my attorney as to an IMO I needed to substantiate my claim.  MY IMO is currently at the BVA awaiting adjutication.   Previously, my attorney got me an IMO that was a wild success, for just 500 dollars.  

This is a HUUUUUGGGGGGE advantage that attorney's have over pro se and VSO represented Veterans....the attorneys know who to send their claimants to for an IMO that works.  We dont know.  

Its possible for hadit to develop a network of IMO docs that are familiar with VA and who are Veteran friendly and do IMO's.  Its a huge undertaking.  

So your choice is to hire an attorney, and, hopefully benefit from his rolodex of IMO docs, or to go it alone.  Having personally been to the BVA no less than 12 times, (2 are still pending), I suggest its probably worth it to get an attorney if your retro potential exceeds 25,000.  



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Cynthia I don't know how far you are to the Navy base, but there should be a select few that do letters and exams just based on proximity to military retirees. Try this for a search: https://www.accesstocare.va.gov/ourproviders You have to do your homework with this though. Find out how many nexus letters have the done; how many dbq's, their success rate, costs/ guarantee results, etc. Ask what is their specialty, are they board certified in the area you have a disability in; could they  help you if you get a denial, etc.

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