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  1. OK first should I file with the IRS? And thats about it, Thanks and happy New Year to All
  2. Does this apply to Marine Corp Vets who where medically discharged in 1988 and finally received 100% in 2015 TPIU Schedular "Children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen attached to a Marine unit who were permanently retired from the Marine Corps or Navy as a result of their service related injury"
  3. I am hoping some Vets can direct me to some websites for scholarships above and beyond Chapter 35 benefits. Thank You Much in advance. Also I wasn't sure where to pst this so if a mod wants to move be my guest. Semper Fi
  4. I went to get my daughter a prescription and there was a $30 co pay Something didn't sound right, What gives...Anybody?
  5. Thanks folks, I think I will call my VSO in the am. Does the doctor need to prescribe the bed and bathing modifications??
  6. Hello Gents and lady;s I was wondering if the VA Will help me with the cost of adding a sit down shower. I have neuropathy sp? of both feet and standing in the shower is unbearable, I also have DDD and reaching my feet is life threatening for sure. can anyone point me in the right direction, thanks in advance Bruce
  7. Hey Thanks guys! So you gave me the idea to call the bank's legal department and this is what if was told. EXACTLY what you folks said hahaha The bank will hold the funds for 7 days while they research the deposits for 2 months. As long as the funds available don't exceed two VA Checks they won't take any action. She then suggested that I call the creditors and explain that my sole source of income is VA Disability and try to set up an arrangement (I'm not trying to get out of my obligations of course) But I don't think my creditors are going to go that way (credit cards) So worse comes to worse, I should be ok. So thanks Veteran's for your help Bruce
  8. From what I can find on here I think the answer is NO. However I couldn't find anywhere were a state tax department was the source of the garnishment. also I talked to my bank and said I would have to wait until the garnishment came thru and they would put the funds on hold, meanwhile my car gets repoed...... Really, I think there's another solution. Anybody???
  9. got my 13 days after the award date
  10. Congrats, Thanks for your service !!!
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