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  1. I have a question concerning DIC eligability. I am TDIU and if I die would my wife be eligable for DIC. Thankyou
  2. jimlane1949

    Ss Success

    What great news and congratulations.
  3. jimlane1949


    He may be suffering from PTSD and needs to be evaluated other than that he is just young and confused by the system. He has an ankle injury and loss of hearing due to service in Iraq.
  4. Hello to all on hadit. I have a 22 year old honorably discharghed United States Marine Corp nephew. He was discharged 8-07 and had filed for two Serevicwe connectred disabilities; however he failed to attend his scheduled C&P appointments. The VA sent him a letter stating if he still wished to pursue his claims he would need to write them giving his reason for not keeping his appointments. He talked to me about this and I want to help him and would appreciate any advice. He told me he blew off the appointments and not sure what to say in his letter. He is an Iraq war veteran. Jim Lane
  5. We are responsible for our children and divorce or separation does not exonerate us from providing for them. I find it hard to believe that a person would not provide for his or her children.
  6. jimlane1949

    Cll Retro

    What does CLL stand for?
  7. jimlane1949

    Knee Replacement And % Rating

    I am dense can you tell me what owcp stands for?
  8. jimlane1949


    I was notified by the Social Security Administration that my SSDI claim had been approved by them. This case took 5 1/2 years to get settled. The Administrative Law Judge ruled in my favor. Thanks to all on hadit for helping during these years.
  9. Spike, speaking for myself I had to have a C&P after having had a heart attak and 2 open heart surgeries the first a triple bypass the secon a double bypass. I may be wrong but I think everyone has to have a C&P before thier case is fully adjudicated. Hang in there good stuff here at hadit.
  10. I think agent orange exposure should include all service members wherever they first encountered agent orange, Southeast Asia,the United States where it was manufactured, stored, transported, and where ever it was used. The manufacturer or s had a workforce that had to be exposed also because they were involved in agent orange manufacturing. I also agree that boots in vietnam is a flawed policy. I served in Viet Nam in 66-67 and support all military and civilians that have agent orange exosure issues, just my 2 cents worth. Jim Lane TDIU T&P.
  11. What plan do you have that would work in Iraq? It seems all the braniacs in DC can't get it right mabey you can.
  12. If a veteran's spouse has Champ VA and the veteran dies, does the spouse's eligibility for Champ VA remain intact?

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