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  1. If you're asking me what the letter said. My Doctor looked at the sleep study results and then said in a short letter that is more likely then not that the my CSA was caused by my TBI. i had my wife send in a statement as well.
  2. Yes ! They called my husband as well ! It was awesome bc the rep they called about was actually very unhelpful .
  3. Ok the claims that he was going to put in for he has a zero percent for and they have gotten significantly worse . But yes I agree w that statement sometimes that can be the case. He will still be getting treatment for his service connected stuff prob for life . I am not sure yet if we got champ VA or ch 35 . We do have small Childern so I will def be looking to see if he is entitled to those benefits thank you .
  4. Thank u so much everyone ! We are still in shock ! Just did a big trip to the grocery store . Nice to be able to stock up like we used to! I think he was around 93% before the apnea went through . We still have a couple of things that should be able to get rating increased so we will submit them so they can be on the back burner in case they try to drop any of his ratings he already has .
  5. We heard back from the DAV . They are approving the rating at 50 percent which brings my hubby to 100 percent ! It does not go as far back as I feel it should but we will take it ! The claim is for sleep apnea. Thank you for all responses .
  6. We got a letter from the DAV this weekend saying the case for sleep apnea has been approved at 50 % which will bring the rating to 100% thank god ! We have small Childern and I had to quit my career for my hubby's wellbeing . Although it will not retro back to the date I would like we are so greatful for the 100% I hope all of your guys cases move along quickly . Thank u for the info and support !
  7. Hi all ! My hubby got news yesterday that his new combined rating is 100percent ! His sleep apnea was approved at 50 percent that brought him up to 100 !!! I will post more info later . Thank you for everyone who gave advice and encouragement . Keep fighting the good fight .
  8. So awesome ! Do something that makes you feel happy ?
  9. Yes hopefully it will be done for you soon .
  10. You should get a lawyer . My hubby got approved I helped him gather all of his medical records then filled out the application very detailed listing many of his issues . I think I brought all of his medical records w us to the appointment . He was rated 90 percent through the VA when he applied. Sorry that it did not go through ! Hang in there ! Appeal it ! Thank u for your service .
  11. So sorry to hear ! Wishing you health and wellness . Have you tried the DAV ? They have helped my husband a lot . Some of the workers are much more knowledgeable than others ...
  12. Oh man ! Mark in Texas . I hope they get to u soon ! Did u send it to DC or local. ??? Oh man ! Mark in Texas . I hope they get to u soon ! Did u send it to DC or local. ???
  13. Did it through the DAV . Asked the DRO to review it ( local ) we submitted a doctors note as well he had a firm medical opinion that my husbands case is combat related. It was filled in a timely matter.
  14. I noticed as of right now E- bennifits is not updating" notice of disagreements" sept looks like the start date for that. How long has people's claims been taking that file a NOD ? Thanks so much -
  15. Sorry for the shorthand and text Phillip .I Did not mean to offend you . I am a mother of small children and was trying to ask the question quickly since I heard my infant wake up . I am not a veteran my husband is . I usually don't get more than two minutes to myself at a time . From what I remember we were not allowed to bring any medical records . That was the policy. Only QTC was allowed to and supposed to provide the medical notes.
  16. Definitely get that checked out as soon as possible . My husband has severe central sleep apnea . We did not know for a few years. I had told my husbands docs over and over that he was choking and snoring really loud I was often up at night to make sure he was ok . The VA should have caught his much sooner. If u do have it make sure they get u a cpap right away . It can belief or death .
  17. When my husband went to his tdiu appt . The doc was frustrated bc QTCnever sent him any medical records at all so he soles based his opinion off the 45 mins he spent with him . Is this normal ? Do u know If ur doc who did the exam had any of your medical notes ? Thanks for your time
  18. Thank you so much Berta. My husband does not have diabetes . He gained all of the weight from psyc meds the hospitalization weight gain was due to psyc meds as well he is a young vet .he gained around fifty pounds in just a short period of time . Yes they did what u mentioned above with Google for my husbands sleep apnea claim. He has central which is not caused by weight gain but was caused by his TBI . We filled a NOD on that after seeing a outside doctor and getting a nexus letter from him . Still waiting to hear back on that one . Berta I have another question for you . My husbands pri
  19. Hi all I hope this is the right place to post this question . I am new here bear with me . When my husband was discharged he was awarded a few small percentages for his back injuries he received in Afgan . Am I correct in thinking he can also file for chronic back pain ? We have medical documentation from when he first got home up until now that clearly state his chronic back pain . Would we file this on its own or as secondary to the injuries ? Thank u for your time and service .
  20. Ok thank you for the info .after the denial... went to get an outside opinion the MD wrote a nexus letter saying they feel it was for sure combat related then filed a NOD . Hoping that response does not take long . Thank you for your service
  21. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH is a common, often silent liver disease. Could this be rated bc it was caused due to excessive weight gain from hospitalization / psyc meds and or Hep A&B due to blood exposure in Afgan ?
  22. My heart is with you . Every veterans spouse worse nightmare . I am so sorry for your loss ... May you find a good lawyer and expose them for what has been done . I only wish it could bring your husband back . Stay strong . Never give up .
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