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  1. I just saw this.... The first letter that came, stating that nearly everything was deferred, including PTSD, added that and referenced a specific C&P exam. The DAV never helped me with any of my claims package, but when I reached out to them about this, they said it was because of my migraines, which was the only decision in that first letter. They also pointed to the ref'd date. So naturally, I believed that until I looked it up in my calendar and saw it was a TBI/PTSD C&P (deferred by that letter). That's what also made me nervous since it was using an exam that wasn't approve
  2. All, I finally got my letter from the VA on Friday, with all the info included from the decision, and it's reflected on eBenefits too! They took away my Insomnia and replaced it with the PTSD rating since they combined the symptoms. They also combined TBI instead of waiting longer to separate the overlapping symptoms, but though the letter said the TBI would be combined, backdated to the same day as the PTSD (04/27/2020), there is still a "residuals of traumatic brain injury (TBI)," rated at 40%. I was surprised that, if I'm finally 100% P&T (officially now), in that bi
  3. Berta, I apologize for my convoluted write-up, but it was pretty difficult to describe this craziness. That's what the DAV told me the VA had based it on, and after having SO many exams and appts in such a short timeframe, I also thought that day must have been my Neurology appt, but I finally looked at my calendar yesterday and saw I had a PTSD/TBI C&P Exam that day. So now I'm more worried than ever about my P&T if it's, in fact, based on an exam for a claim that's still "deferred" and pending. Have you, or anyone else here, ever seen the VA do that? I've never he
  4. Berta, No worries, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. You must read thousands of these! So this has gotten a bit messy, but first, for the exact reasons you stated (the benefits for my family) this is paramount for me to get it right. For a few days, I was going by the Regional DAV's response above, but turns out the first part was completely wrong. I got my letter and the only two things that were actually decided were 1) that I had basic eligibility to DEA based on 06/23/2020 and 2) that their evaluation of my Migraines, currently at 50%, is continued. So
  5. Those slowly showed up, one at a time as pending (PTSD, TBI, IU). The PTSD also is now listed at the bottom of the actual full list of my disabilities, but only says "Deferred." I received 2 letters from the VA yesterday, but they were both for the pending claim, even though the decision on the closed claim was supposedly mailed a few days earlier. I reached out to the Regional DAV, since they'd be able to see what's going on, and here is their response: "VA Rating Decision dated 06/30/2020 granted you 100% permanent and total (P&T) effective 06/23/2020, effective the date of t
  6. broncovet, so you're saying to just blow them off? That just doesn't "feel" like the right strategy--at least with anything else I've dealt with when it comes to the Federal Govt. I know you've got more experience in this department, but still... I think my biggest concern here is that it appears to be attached now to my PTSD and TBI review claims, so I just don't want to risk anything being denied or reduced with those if I merely blow them off without at least contacting them, explaining my circumstances/case, and requesting for them to cancel just that piece of the claim, letting them kn
  7. Thanks to everyone for the responses! I REALLY appreciate it. Based on feedback and what I recently found in the VA Benefits Summary Letter on eBenefits, stating I now have a 100% P&T rating, I definitely do not want to mess with it or pursue that IU/TDIU application. (for several reasons) I do, however, want the PTSD decision to be finalized as well as the RFE for my already connected TBI that was moved over to my PTSD claim from the other set of RFE claims submitted by the VA, which is now complete. So, does anyone have recommendations on how to handle having the VA cancel or
  8. Update to what I wrote earlier. Although I've been at 100% temporary schedular for the last few years, and my claim for PTSD now show as "Deferred" with the RFE for the TBI moved into that claim, the RFE claim for Migraines and Insomnia shows as complete and letter sent on 6/30/2020. I checked in the VA Letters page, then the VA Benefits Summary Letter, the one that includes whether or not someone is P&T, and it shows that I'm now 100% P&T as of 6/23/2020. There is probably something in the letter they sent that explains the new change, though the clock is ticking for the forms
  9. I need some guidance or suggestions from the experts. I am currently at 100% schedular (temporary, not P&T). My higher Service connections are: Dermatitis with Psoriasis (also claimed as psoriasis guttate, eczema/dermatitis) = 60% Migraine including migraine variants - also claimed as decreased concentration = 50% Residuals of traumatic brain injury (TBI) = 40% Insomnia disorder - also claimed as sleep disorder and insomnia 10% and a dozen other 10% ratings for tinnitus, arthritis, degenerative disc/joint disease/lumbar spine, and as well as i
  10. Punisher


    Big Country, My dates were very similar. I received my service connection decision in October and was paid the regular monthly payment on November 1st. My effective date for everything is 1 June 2015 (My date of retirement). I actually filed in Jan 2015, but of course the date becomes the retirement date. I received my retro pay about a week ago, however, by my calculation, they owed me for June-September yet I only received 3 months worth. I got the statement a few days later showing they paid Jul, Aug, and Sept. I spent a week trying to get through to the VA about the month they shorted
  11. Navy04, Belated congrats! Your story, and guidance here, has been one of the inspirations for me to keep plugging away. From one USN O-4 to another--"Fair Winds and Following Seas!"
  12. Thanks John! I'm still waiting on my initial claim to come back. It's been at "Preparation for Decision" for nearly 3 months now. I am able to work, but needed to retire from Service because I couldn't take it anymore physically. I was fortunate enough to find a work-from-home job, so I'm able to get up whenever I need to, stretch my back out on a Swiss Ball, take breaks when I'm hurting too much, etc.. I'm hoping to get 100%, SC, but do not want to seek IU because I want to be able to keep working at home and not worry about it.
  13. Any thoughts on how the C&P comments (2 posts ago) will affect/influence my claim?
  14. That's definitely something I'll have to keep in mind. I'm actually hoping that my claim for Chronic Sleep Impairment, which is in that block of "Mental Disorders" as well. In fact I have most of what's in that block in red below, that supposedly is worth 30%. From the eCFR: General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks (although generally functioning satisfactorily, with routine behavior, self-care, and conversation normal), due to such symptoms a
  15. My C&P Dr wrote this for nearly every joint: Is there evidence of pain with weight bearing? [X] Yes Have imaging studies of the knee been performed and are the results available? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, is degenerative or traumatic arthritis documented? [X] Yes [ ] No If yes, indicate knee: [ ] Right [ ] Left [X] Both Functional impact: Regardless of the Veteran's current employment status, do the condition(s) listed in the Diagnosis Section impact his or her ability to perform any type of occupational task (such as standing, walking, lifting, sitting, etc.)? [X] Yes [ ] No If ye
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