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  1. If you are a (SoCal) Veteran , and you have your DD-214 VA ID card and a California Medical Recommendation [you may not even need this because the laws are changed] You can get 6 grams for free, no purchase neccessary, every THREE months from 'Exhale' in West Hollywood , and 'Kush Mart' in Downtown LA. Its literally as simple as saying 'hey, Im a vet'. They will have you fill out a form from the sponsors of this great program, which is calvetmeds.org . This is an amazing and wonderful resource for all of the vets out here that can't afford to buy Buds. Take advantages brothers. Semper Fly
  2. Very True. The GI Bill continues what the military started, building good people by taking care of them financially. A Hollywood Marine gets $2,400 monthly , that applies for Vocational Rehab also from what I understand. I'll be going to LA Recording School to major in Music Production [bachelor of Science degree]. 18 month program . So I am close to living in a luxury Hollywood apartment to go to school and study my passion. I am blessed. I think it would be pretty amazing and inspirational to get back into school [most school offer online too] at your age, what would you choose to study? I'm going back to the rapid rehousing office friday to see what they say about my award letter deliniating that comp benefits are not taxable income.
  3. Gastone, Buck, thanks for replying. I failed to mention it's a luxury apartment in Hollywood, and right next door to the school I'm attending in November. http://www.sunsetandvine.com/ It is insanely expensive, and the surrounding area offers similar pricing. But Sunset+Vine I at least know the area, and 24 hour gym inside, luxury everything, coffee bar guiding my decision. About 1 1/2 years ago I was living in my car, and was hit by an uninsured driver running a stop sign... rendering me to kick rocks with a C-bag full of clothes in a new state. I got into some trouble and now have probation. If not... man, I would be looking for a home in Colorado right now. So my GI Bill will pay the rent for the next year while I run probation out, then go to Colorado. I went to SSVF / VASH who seem to believe my VA Comp does in fact count as income. Should I go see them again and remind them that it's not considered income? Great suggestion for mentioning being a disabled Vet, I certainly hope there is some type of discount.
  4. Hello Community, I am getting ready to move from a homeless program for veteran's, into an apartment complex where my rent for a studio apartment is $1995 per month... I used to qualify for VASH , but from what I am now being told, the maximum monthly income you are allowed to have is $2900 - and being 100% service connected now - in large part to discovering Had-It - I make 2906 , $6 over VASH limits. So I've heard alot of things about an SSVF program that will help recently homeless vet's with security deposits and rent. Anyone have past experience or good knowledge on this? I was homeless for 3 years before going to jail for 6 months, and I've been in this program for 5 months, so It's been awhile since I've had an apartment and it's heavily stressing me out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey good morning. They did include a 1-liner saying that I was found capable of managing my own finances. The prime disability was PTSD, with secondary mdd, anxiety, add, bi polar.
  6. Oh, also insomnia. Charlie, thats hella interesting about the evolution of the word assasins. Im going to have to look that up. I think I should ask for adderall again, continue the quetiapine and ditch the rest. But I can only suggest as the doc is controlling what I take. What rubs me the wrong way most is how i talk about existing problems and get no response, just computer clicks - then its time to talk about upping the dose, as if the bad symptoms I just mentioned didn't exist. Appointment coming up in a week.
  7. Great suggestion, I lived in Colorado right when they legalized. Ive used bud for anxiety for years, but haven't smoked for about a year. It may be time to go back. It's true that they will label you, I've had 'Cannibus use' on my VA 'problems list for years. Its now labeled as in remission since ive been clean a year. One Excuse for stopping my adderall is because of that. I see the VA quack for PTSD, depression, and anxiety.
  8. I have seen my new psych 4 times total and each time he has added new meds, or increased the dosage of existing ones. appt 1: sertraline 50mg. (Now @100) appt 2: Seroquil (quetiapine fumarade) 50mg (Now @100). appt 4: bupropion 100mg. Long story short I don't want to take All of these. At my old VA I was prescribed 1 pill, Adderall, for 8 years. It did not fix my issues, but it made me happen when I took it. New VA, new Psych stopped the adderall and gives me these pills that make me feel zombified during the day and also haven't fixed my issues. I'm still angry at random and distrust people, still have days where Im so sad with my life I want to jump in a lake, still hear bad voices, still sleep 4 hours a night. I feel even worse than before. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to this combo? I mentioned this at my last appointment; brain fog for hours after waking, pysically drained, sad and sexually useless (I dont know how to make new relationships, and all my old ones are gone). Saying that got me the Bupropion rx, my issues written off with lines like "worry it will get better eventually." Instead of seeing me as an individual I think my doc has blind faith in his own personal process. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and Im worried that when I bring this stuff up I'll get another pill added to the regimen. My personal beliefs are that all these meds aren't working on me. Maybe I'm missing something about myself, something I can't see that is the root cause of my problems. That plus my scholiosis (I seen the x-ray from PMRS and it horrified me). Seroquil does keep me asleep - first few nights it knocked me out but no longer does that. I still stay up late, and wake feeling slow and weak. More than once my arms were shaking to the point where it was effecting my morning pages (writing 2 freehand pages each morning as therapy - these are actually fun and helpful). It felt like extreme fatigue. As far as the other 2 meds they have had literally no effect on my mood, the sertraline Ive been taking 3 months already. Welbutrin doesnt lift the brain fog. Coffee is more helpful. Thank you, if you read this lengthy post. I now realize how much this topic has been bothering me and I think that Had-it is the best place to get it out. Can't wait to read responses.
  9. Excellent advice, thank you. My awards letter said that my 100% PTSD rating is "not permanent as the condition may improve through treatment, and subject to further examination" So from what other vets are saying, this condtion will be evaluated by C&P exams on a yearly basis, for 5 years before it is made permanent. Is that correct? Also - when I file a claim for my secondary issues (depression, anxiety, schitzoeffective disorder ) should I do so by submitting a NoD and appealing my existing claim, or should I file a new one - does it matter? To the poster above thanks for your service, being around and effected by AO makes me greatful that I served during my era, we didn't have to worry about being harmed from out own side. Stay Strong.
  10. Good Morning community- Earlier this month I recieved 100% service connection, a surprizing 2 1/2 months after submitting my claim on e-benefits. After living off of a few hundred bucks a month for the past 3 years I woke up to $6k in my bank account, so life feels great right now. A friend of mine is telling me to file my NOD anyways, for the other disabilities they didn't connect, and also to get my SC backdated to the onset of condition - which would be considered starting in the last 2 months of service before recieving my honorable discharge, 9 years ago. Who has experience with this? Is there a legitimate route I can take to get my 100% backdated to the diagnosis of my PTSD, and without a lawyer? Thanks and happy Sunday.
  11. Update - e benefits website says I am 100% S/C under disabilities now. And the 'status' of my open claim says dev letter sent. Think i'm good to go ?
  12. I want to leave an update to the community – today I went to the VA building in the federal office to check on the status of my claim. They surprised me by telling me that A decision was just made today what. This only two weeks after my C and P. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad sign for my client. Anyone have experience with a similar time frame?
  13. Well, all 4 of my C&Ps were done outside of the VA. ? I didnt know the option to choose was even possible. I'll be checking E-bene today hoping for an update.
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