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  1. I won my BVA case April 23rd. Since then I keep getting innocuous unrelated VARO letters, having nothing to do with my BVA win. Since I received the Big brown envelope, I have gone to the mail box several times and found a nice white VARO envelope sitting there waiting for me!! Twice since then as I opened the official white letter thinking that the Award letter has finely arrived, it turns out to be some useless VARO bogus junk letter informing me of nothing relating to my case. It's unnerving. Maybe it's just a coincidence, I'm just curious. Did anyone else receive a clothing allowance info letter today, May 12, 2014? Thanks, C.B.
  2. The recent focus regarding the manipulation of records at VAMCs across the country grows daily. The VAROs are even more nefarious in their manipulation of records. I pray the truth will win out. More to follow...
  3. Blog..." What Did You Do In The War?" PostScript

  4. " What Did You Do In The War?" PostScript

  5. Shout it from the rooftops! IMO "Independent Medical Opinion"... Thank you carlie.
  6. Let me first say that I haven't stepped foot in a VAMC for about five years. It triggers my PTSD, due to all the bad medical care I received back in the old days. I can't seem to get 10 feet from the front door of the place. Too many bad experiences, to get into here... I only use the VAMC for issues regarding my artificial leg, which was usually farmed out to a contractor. . So, a few months ago, I needed some prosthetic work done, and some new stump socks. I phoned the VAMC prosthetic clinic to set up an appointment, as I have done for over the last 45 years. They said I now need a PCP doctor to send a referral to the prosthetic clinic for an appointment, and then the clerk transferred my call to the PCP people. They told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks before I could get a PCP assigned to me, and I should wait for a letter in the mail... So After waiting for over 2 months I called the VAMC today, to see what the hold up was. They told me that I could see a PCP on June 11th. 33 days from now. LOL . & that was just to get a referral to set up an appointment to the prosthetic clinic. Everyone seems to have a different experience, this was mine. Cmdr. Bob
  7. "BVA" ..."Therefore, the benefit sought on appeal has been granted in full." Just waiting on the award letter... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ore6K3ESTLc Cmdr. Bob
  8. Let's see what the IG finds out.. The VAMC is claiming, because of the backlog, the "Secret List" was created and used to call waiting patients when an appointment was cancelled. You know, to help the vet... It could be nothing but an attempt to help out our "heroes." Or was it used for more nefarious reasons?... Because the Va is micro managed to death. it also begs the question, is this system wide? And what about the VAROs?? After my experience with the local VARO, it makes one ask does the VARO keep a "black list" also??. With all their delays, screw ups, etc, when processing my claim, I wonder are they just over worked, incompetent, or free wheeling "borrowed power freaks?? JMHO, Jail time should be on the table. Time will tell. C.B.
  9. BVA 800 # told that they were still working on the 2010* cases up until I received my "BVA Big Brown envelope", win in April, 2014, Good Luck, 'GatorNavy", Cmdr. Bob
  10. Please let me first say that all claims are different. In my case, the DRO hearing request, wasted at least 2 years for me... Again, let me say that all claims are different. Times and facts are different, etc. I have not found a time pattern in my many years concerning the VA. For me, this time my claim, took 6 years until I received the BVA big brown envelope that said:: "BVA" ..."Therefore, the benefit sought on appeal has been granted in full." the DRO hearing got bungled by the VARO, They failed to send me copies of my file, shredded or lost documents, misaddressed correspondence to me. Also, the VARO's DRO failed to notify me of any DRO hearing, so that got cancelled. Bad "timely manner notifications" delayed the traveling BVA hearing.,etc. (my name could have be on the VA's "secret list") LOL Well. after wasting years at VARO, and no DRO hearing, I had a BVA hearing May 2013, and won... I am, of course, waiting for the award letter now. ... Any day now!!! LOL. Good luck with your claim. My most positive thoughts are with you for a timely win, Cmdr. Bob
  11. You have my support, Berta. I love your attitude!!! I am reminded of a Robert Frost poem... "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep." Thank you for all your efforts. Without you, so many vets and families would be lost. Kind Regards, C.B.
  12. JMHO... Why is the "List" unique to this one VAMC? Do you think Hellman and her 2 side kicks thought this thing up on their own... Knowing the VA system, it begs the question... Is this "Secret List" thing, a system wide soultion??? Cmdr. Bob
  13. I would also suggest... do not drink the water at the VAMC... Just saying... http://www.usmedicine.com/agencies/department-of-veterans-affairs/legionnaires-disease-kills-patient-at-pittsburgh-vamc/ Cmdr Bob
  14. I would bet that I am on The "Secret List" at my VARO & VAMC.... (Long story.).. However!!! After 6 years, I Just won My BVA case last week. My secret... I out lived em'... Cmdr Bob
  15. More info... http://www.hillandponton.com/fatal-wait/ Cmdr Bob
  16. Big Brown envelope arrived today. I won. BVA ..."The benefit sought on appeal has been granted in full."

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      Wonderful news!

  17. Brown envelope arrived today. I won. BVA ..."The benefit sought on appeal has been granted in full."

  18. Hi Irin, Good to hear from you, Hope you are doing well. C.B.
  19. Welcome aboard 'youngmp3'. You post... "First off I was diagnosed with PTSD at the beginning of this year (2014)." JMOH, Why would want to change it to Adjustment disorder with depressed mood? Best Wishes, Cmdr. Bob
  20. Congratulations on the win, 'SomethingLost'. RE: "NYNurse 1124", The timeframe (clock) starts when the initial claim is filed. I filed in 2008. I was denied 2009. I filed Notice of Disagreement (NOD) 2009... fast forward to BVA hearing mar. 2013. Rescheduled by VA till May 2013 Case sent to BVA. sat there till last month Just heard the BVA Judge started reviewing it. Don't know how long that will take for a decision . Still waiting... I hope your's goes faster. Good Luck. Cmdr. Bob
  21. " What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?" Blog... PostScript

  22. " What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?" PostScript

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