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  1. I forgot to renew my meds for the first time in a long time. Four of them we could not re-order because they were the last refill. I take nine meds daily. My wife keeps track of them. She gave me a list of the ones I need refilled, but I forgot to give it to the doc. I see a VA doc every month so they should have also caught this. Do I function? Not much. Nine pain meds daily and three meds that interact with each other does not help me function. I had my wife type this so people can read it. I looked at some of my previous posts and I know I do not type well enough for people to understand what I type. At least she types this the way I talk. If my wife is not around I never take my meds on time or I just forget to take them. Since I spend 99 percent of my time in the house no one touches my meds. And the bedrooms are off limits. We have a bathroom people can use without going back to the bedrooms. You need to watch for the amount of refills you have left. When you get near the last refill let the doc know before you get the last refill if you can remember to do this.
  2. So where are all of the vet orgs that are supposed to be helping us and lookign out for us? They should be on all the medai and organizing protests. but the orgs sit back make money off of vets and do nothing. they play politics same as any public servant in D.c. we need to form a group that will actually go after employess in the va and after this kind of stuff inside the va. a group that will use the media for the vets and show abuse inside the va. a groupd that does not cower to the va or the government. every vet org claims they did soemthing whenever congress does something for vets. when they actually did not thing but write a letter or go to a hearing and state an opinon on how they stand. they enevr want to take action directly with protests of going on the medai as much as possible to let peopel knwo how messed up the va and the gov is. they seem more organized to collec tmoney and use that for their own betterment of life.
  3. they should pul the plug on most va empoyess. it shoudl eb easier to fire federal employess. no doubt thousands of va employeees have had millions of complaints against them and still work for the government. none of the vet orgs help to push to get fedearal employess fired even at the VA. they orgs are a waste fo money. you cannot solve the continued porblems with statements and complaints which all those va orgs do. these orgs know who the problem people at the va are. they deal with those same people year after year trying to help evts get what they deserve. but they never push to get them fired for not doing their job and for not following the laws. if the orgs were doign their job we woudl nto have anythign liek this happeneing. but they kiss butt at the va. they use quaota systems liek the government uses. vets have becoem a quota to them. time somone staretd a vet org that went after va employess that contiunuesously make errors or do nto follw the law. i had a guy at the va send me e-mails with incomplete sentences and words spelled wrong. he has a masters degree, never bene in service and not disabled. this si what we deal with now. just an educated idiot. if he is on as many meds as i am then he shoudl nto being doing what he does. i have problems typoing wiht loss of most of my rigth hand and side effects of meds etc. if he is liek em he shoudl be looking for another job. we need va orgs to demand legislation so these peopel are drug tested randomly. everyone decidng on a vets fate and making decisions on a vet should be drug tested. the va does nto want it because they would have to fire 50 % or more of their workers. the orgs won't do it becsue they really do nto care. sma eiwht every agency of the federal government. they woudl lose 50% of more of theri employess. i have aksed several groups to do this. to campaign for drug testing but they never do it. our life our choisces. if we do nto choose to demand our orgs to demand drug testing and easier ways to fire va employyees then we deserve this kidn of treatment.
  4. va and govmt only understand protests. organized protests. marches etc. millions of disabled vtes. could eb large protests at va offices every week. and largest protest iun .dc. in history.
  5. never trust va. send everything certifiied mails return receipts and itt woulds not hrut to have it notoriezed. even then they can lose it osya they lose it. we need big protest of all va's on same day aronund the country to get atteentinon brought to this. milllions of disbaled vets and thhe service orgs get nooting done in theeir mettings and letters. vets need to band togtehrt for protestts.
  6. i got call from VA. person says i got 100% annd wife gets chapter 35 benefts. person aslo states got letter fomr lawyer. person said did not replies to lawyer. I recordedd everything. now have recording on tape. person would nto admit i have p&t, but said i get the p& t benefits accordingly to my c-file and i wil nto be scheduled for any further examinsations. person said they show lawyer not my powwer of attorney, but old service org i used. still messed up. called lawyer after that. laweyer sending anothe rltter to VA. lawyer been power of attorney since back in april or MARCH. person would not send me a letetr stating what i was told. but i did record all of it. jst shows hwo the va is disorganized. lol i need spell chaekc to chekc my speelcheck. soryy fo rerrors. i have had my pain and psych meds increased in last two months. doc sai dhe can ponly increase one of my pain meds one more time. i think i neeeds to cut one of thme down.
  7. why fly unless going overseas? too many peopel fly and missses the great country we have. or in too big a hurry, but say they are never in a hurry. lot beteer places to see than hawaii. of all the states hawaii is the biggest tourist trap. but they promote it that way.
  8. yes new eveidences. i have one rating that was denied out of about 12 and the va says nothign foudn in my record. i have copy of record and reports on this for two years is in my c-file and military records. i never appealed any ratings because they lied to me, as they say now, and said i am not only 100% but also p7t, but they nwo say not p&t just 100%. same condition was documented even by c7p eaxminer and to this day. seems to me if they say it was not foudn in your recodr before then it is new and materials also. but if they says that then anyhting you give them would eb new and material.
  9. We should nto even have DRO's. There si no reason the doctor cannot give the percentage evaluation when they are doen with us. They can have the same paper to use that DRO's are supposed to used for rating percentages and doctors are better, a lot better, qualified to do this. We have a lot fo problems wihtt eh service organizatiosn actually doing nothing for us. They get brownine points for helping us, but they don't always help us the way they should. And they certainly have not helped in getting our appeal process easier or having another independent board which we cna have look into discrepancies at the VA's. Where do you appeal when the regionla office ignores your NOD even after writing the VAOIG about it and the head of the regional office iginores it also? And the VAOIG turns the investigation over tot he regional office and never even akss for proof. And leaves the investigatino wiht the regional office which still does nothing. The service organizations in all these years have not made it any easier for veterans to get their rights under law. And they have not done anything to make it easier to complain about a RO and get results. All vetrans should be abel to have their case heard in court like anyone else can without having to file a NOD which is ignored and then have the RO just ignore the appeal form 9 for nto addressing the NOD and not forward it to the board. I field a nod over 3 years go and it was ignored. actually filed 4. 3.5 years later the VAOIG said the RO would appoint someone at the RO to look inot my caes. still nothign doen but they finally admitted they found one of my nods filed 3 years before. never got soc and when sent form 9 never got to board and was just ignored again. called dav numerous times and always had to leave a message. dav never returend any messages. sent for copy of vaoig results and it took almost tow months ot get a copy and foudn out a person at dav had told va he would get info form me and pass to vaoig, but he never did anything. tried to contact perosn at dav after i foudn this out and no one returned my calls. i record phone calls since it is legal here. i would record them anyway for my records. and it is not illegal anywhere that i know of to record a message you leave on a phone for someone to return a call. unless we get togtehrr and protes t the va and get on the news about what is really going on nothign will be doen. mayeb now that so many are beig minstreated by the va it will be easier to get peopel together to protest. that is what it will take. single complaints on here or wiht the va do no good. service organizatiosn are not doing any good. i guess they owrry the va will ignore their people also if they say something.
  10. i knows hwo that is. i di dnot get marriede unitl afte ri retired. my daughter is now 11. she undersatnd a lot more now, but for yearrs it hurt a lot. i stil cry whenn thinking of it. i have nnot bene able to even lift my daughter fors years. i can understansd your depressions. va cares abouts nothing about vets. maybe why governments worried about vets nwo. i saw on news. somethingsg abouts vtes being on terrorsits list.
  11. I have also had my psyhc and pani meds incrased over the years and recently in april. my va doc todl me this mont hee may increasee them again. wanteds to see hwo i do wiht the increases. psyhc wants to se eme again in june. lol hard for va to proves that. got ss about 6 months after va 100%. ss still has me totally disabbled to this day. also va doc wrote letter stating i will never get anny betters. they ignoredd that. va doc did get me a new walker lsat month for my physiacal probs. wife got me lawyer and nwo lawyer is doign everything. evryoen has been so nice with help..thanks
  12. I disageees. my lawyer chargede a one time upfrontt fee. i think some peoplee do nto wantts veterans to use lawyers. i thinks the va does nto wnats them. lawyers wont not stand for how vetes are terated if you get a good lawery. lawyerss can only gte involvevd at a certian point in the procesess. talk to one and see what theys say. do not wait tooo longs.
  13. i thinks every vet shoulds appeall eveyrthing. what a backloggs that woulds be. tonail probelms appeal it.
  14. We, the veteran's, family member's, relative's and any others that want to protest on our behalf need to arrange protests at all VA regional office's or as many as we can get. We all need to protest the Veteran's Benefit's Administration who do everything they can to keep veteran's from getting what they should get including adequate medical care. Yes they also oversee what we get in medical care. Veteran organization's are getting nowhere with giving speeches at senate or house hearings. We need a lot more action instead of speeches. A million veteran march on the VA's headquarters in D.C. would be great. Then continuous protests at VA regional offices. 24.5 million veteran's or more are affected. We should be able to get at least one million. Have too many veteran's become cowards under the VA? Too afraid to speak out, yet were willing to die for that right? The U.S. Census Bureau offers the following facts about U.S. veterans in 2005: 24.5 million The number of military veterans in the United States. 1.7 million The number of veterans who are women. Why are veteran's afraid of the government that sent them in harms way, why are they afraid of the VA, why are they afraid to stand up for their rights now? Fight for the person that died beside you or lost a limb or just served with you. Fight for yourself. Protest for what is right. Tell the veteran organizations you want organized marches. If they do not want this then do not belong to that organization. They all make millions off of veteran's while the vet suffers. These organization's are playing their own political game with veteran's lives and their families lives. It is time for veteran's to take their own stand. Had to have my wife type this for me.
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