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mysticcherokee usn vet

Third Class Petty Officers
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  1. pre-award letter. Hmmmmmm, didnt know there was such a thing, but it sounds major "warm and fuzzy", and deserving of a major CONGRADS!!!! Mystic
  2. EWWW EXCITING!! Ill say a prayer tonight for you. Sincerely, Mystic
  3. X X X Hot-diggety-dog! Awesome! Congradulations! Woo Hoo!!!!! Mystic
  4. Boy youve got THAT RIGHT! LOL! Sorry bout the mess last night. I dont like bein called a liar, but everybody else is presumed to be telling the truth. Makes me feel ostracized, and hurts my feelings. However it was never my intention to have that mess goin.Okay MAN!lol! sincerely, Mystic
  5. OW. That sounds painful! What did ya want to know tho. Mystic
  6. Whats cts? Im not familiar with needing or using an emg to diagnose existance of fibro. But its thats DRS IMO that you can use. Get him to say its more likely than not attibuted to have started.manifested, or what you had thrn is what you have NOW. Same thing. Ill have to ask my neuro about that emg.It IS a cns lnked syndrome. Anything else, did I miss something? Good Luck and I welcome further query. Mystic
  7. Whats the question. Ive fibromyalgia. I could write THE book on fibromyalgia.Same thing? Mystic
  8. 3 MONTHS! NO WAY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hooooooooo! CONGRADU friggin lations! Woohoo! Mystic
  9. Look at ALL the money they have saved by not treating my life times worth of ptsd! Talk about cost saving! Mystic
  10. Vunderbar! Congradulations! SSD took me 4 years and no retro! Excellent! Sincerely, Mystic
  11. YOUVE just done a great service to your fellow Vets and THIS forum. THAT one post will make this particular forum invaluble if I am right, and imho. Thank You! Mystic
  12. "jmho...A strong IMO is needed to overcome the contaminated record." I Concur, and the sooner the better! Mystic
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